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Can I have some advice please from some experienced ebayers?

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LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Oct-08 19:17:21

I've put a few things up for auction, the thing i'm most concerned about is a coat I brought a couple of years a go from debenhams, I started the bid at 99p but I paid £60 for this coat a couple of years ago and though I wore it through the winter months its in really good condition. The question is do I change the starting price before anyone bids as I'd hate to see it go for so little otoh its a 16 and I'm now a 10-12 so it burys me so theres no point keeping it. I need to buy another coat and was hoping the money from the sale could go towards a new coat but thats not looking likley! What shall I do? It has 1 watcher and its got just over 2 days to go.


TequilaMockinBird Wed 22-Oct-08 19:19:57

If you wouldn't be happy accepting 99p for the coat then I would change the starting price.

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Oct-08 19:41:47

If it's not attracting bidders at that price though it's doubtful I'll get more interest if I put the price up is it? I have to be realistic, I haven't got room for a big winter coat that's 2 sizes too big for me and i'll never wear again. Just checked the counter and it's had 22 people look (including me)

crokky Wed 22-Oct-08 19:43:49

I would put the starting price up, but consider what the buyer will be paying - postage as well.

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Oct-08 19:59:09

Humm just had a look and alot of the others are starting at 99p I'll just have to see how it goes.

TequilaMockinBird Wed 22-Oct-08 20:00:50

A lot of bidders wait until the last minute anyway IME.

Even when I'm buying from ebay, unless I'm searching for something very specific, I only look at items ending within the hour.

Good luck

Lilyloo Wed 22-Oct-08 20:01:55

I have sold a few girls coats recently and had lot's of viewings but only one bid on each started at £3.99.
Think the high postage for coats doesn't help.
Up to you but do you want it in your house ? Are you likely to do a carboot or anything ? Like you said it's worthless to you. Maybe put it up to what you want and if no bids relist again at 99p ?

andyrobo237 Wed 22-Oct-08 20:21:03

Link to it as I am after a size 16 winter coat!!! And would pay more than 99p!!! grin

LoveMyGirls Thu 23-Oct-08 07:55:18

Message withdrawn

AbbeyA Thu 23-Oct-08 08:06:46

If you have got 22 people looking then you may well get the price up. People don't bid until the last minute. If I was a watcher I wouldn't bid until the last hour. It is up to you, if you don't want the gamble then change the starting price. I usually take the gamble and it pays off but you have to accept that you may lose.

AbbeyA Thu 23-Oct-08 08:08:00

Oh soory-just read it properly and you have only 1 watcher! I would change the price then.

AbbeyA Thu 23-Oct-08 08:08:50

Sorry-my typing has gone to pot!

LoveMyGirls Thu 23-Oct-08 08:13:22

I've got 4 watchers on it now, though I had 8 on a baby party dress and that's just gone for £2.70 plus £2.50 postage I thought I would have got at least £4 but nevermind, now got a fifi jacket currently going for £4 got 2 winnie the pooh dressing gowns ending today too and no watchers or bidders for those yet.

AbbeyA Thu 23-Oct-08 08:18:58

Seasoned ebayers only watch, they never put bids on early. 4 watchers sounds more hopeful.

Bucharest Thu 23-Oct-08 08:20:56

I think the lower the starting price the more likely you are to get bids....

ChopsTheDuck Thu 23-Oct-08 08:25:41

I wonder if the picture is doing much justice tbh. It sounds lovely, but I think the light is reflecting off of it and making it look less attractive.

Four watchers isn't great. I think I'd be tempted to end the listing and try to take a better photo.

LoveMyGirls Fri 24-Oct-08 14:25:24

It's slowly creeping up, now £3.15

LoveMyGirls Fri 24-Oct-08 20:22:49

Now £6

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