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Is this buyer just trying it on?

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Marne Tue 21-Oct-08 21:02:38

I sold a bundle of dd's clothes on ebay last week and sold it to someone in spain, just recieved a e-mail to say the items were in poor condition and the whiites were grey, she says they were unwearable and she has given 50% to a charity, she says she awaites for my reply. shock

Im realy shocked as

a) there are only a couple white items in the bundle whiche were in very good condition.

b) i offer a refund on the return of goods (she cant return as she has given items to charity)

c) i desribed all marks etc..

I also show detailed photos of the items which clearly show the condition and the colour of the items.

Here is my listing here

I dont want bad feedback but theres no way i will refund with out the items being returned. If she takes it to paypal do you think they will refund her?

umberellascankill Tue 21-Oct-08 21:05:31

all the stuff looks fine in your photos...i would say you would be happy to refund if she returns your clothes!

Marne Tue 21-Oct-08 21:07:07

Thanks, most of the items have only been worn once, i would'nt sell items that i would'nt clothes my children in.

monkeymonkeymonkey Tue 21-Oct-08 21:07:33

She wont get any joy out of paypal I think, as they will say she should have returned the items to you, and she has for some reason put herself in a position where she cant now follow ebay rules.

You may end up with a neg, but with your feedback I dont think it will put people off.

Yurtgirl Tue 21-Oct-08 21:08:04

Those look gorgeous marne - She is trying it on

umberellascankill Tue 21-Oct-08 21:09:49

i would say this is someone capitalising on the fact that sellers don't want negative feedback, and hoping to get the things cheap/for free. Call her bluff. Can you still respond to a buyer's feedback on ebay?

ButterflyBessie Tue 21-Oct-08 21:10:43

I agree with umbrellas, they look fine.

notsoseriousanymore Tue 21-Oct-08 21:13:58

It's disgraceful that sellers aren't allowed to leave negative feedback anymore.

This is shameful. You have done nothing wrong.

I've just started selling again (need the cash! sad) and my items will be delivered tomorrow (I've posted everything recorded) but am still waiting for some stingey buyer to complain about the quid they spent on a designer top which had been worn a handful of times.


Marne Tue 21-Oct-08 21:16:24

Yes you can reply to feedback, i dont mind getting a neg even though i'm proud of my 100%, but i could do with her waiting a week until my listings end grin, it will look bad at the top of my feedback page.

I need to think of a good reply to her feedback hmm

Marne Tue 21-Oct-08 21:18:43

I have started sending recorded too, as so many people say they hav'nt recieved items and how are we to know if they have got them or not?
I am getting a bit fed up with e-bay but as most people i need the extra money.

Kaplumbagadort Tue 21-Oct-08 21:19:45

They look fine to me too.

(Can i ask if the Fifi sleepsuit is a big 3-4? DD2 loves fifi but is in 4-5 mostly)

Marne Tue 21-Oct-08 21:22:11

yes its a very big 3-4, i bought it a few weeks ago for dd who is in 3-4 but it was way too big.

Kaplumbagadort Tue 21-Oct-08 21:23:26

ooh will stick that on watch. smile (I see You don't live far from me either! not that i could collect, i don't drive)

Lilyloo Tue 21-Oct-08 22:26:19

they looked lovely items think def trying it on!
as others have send ask her to return items and see what she says!

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 21-Oct-08 22:38:31

I just looked at the link - she got over 50 items for £52, most of it really good makes and she is whingeing?
Def trying it on.
Tell her that you will refund if she returns items and that she should have emailed you before giving them away.

threetinytots Tue 21-Oct-08 22:47:00

Your item look gorgeous and in pristine condition. I would say that you are perfectly happy to refund if she returns all the items in the same condition they were sent in.

It's so unfair that you can no longer leave neg feedback for a buyer. I hate the fact that you have to be really nice to them so they don't leave a neg, but they can be as rude as they want! Things like this really make me mad and put me off selling.(not for long though!)

Marne Wed 22-Oct-08 09:46:40

I e-mailed her last night stating that i offer a refund if items are returned even though i feel the items were as described, so far she has'nt replied, im just waiting for the bad feedback sad

sunnygirl1412 Wed 22-Oct-08 10:27:25

She got all that lot for £1 per item, and still has the gall to complain??? The items look lovely to me, and you have mentioned marks on some garments, so your listing is totally above-board. She's trying it on.

Hope this works out all right for you.

lilysmummy2007 Wed 22-Oct-08 11:36:27

looks like a great bundle and at a bargain price,keep all correspondence in case she tries it on with paypal, offer her a refund only if she returns the items in the same condition you sent them and at her own cost return it. good luck

MrsMagooo Wed 22-Oct-08 16:40:22

Sounds like she's trying her luck to me!!

Why on Earth would you give half of it to charity before contacting the seller & seeing what they had to say hmm

Let her go to Paypal hun - she won't get anywhere your items look lovely to me!!

Marne Thu 23-Oct-08 11:19:07

This woman is realy getting to me now sad angry

She wrote back saying she wants to return the clothes she hasn't given away hmm but she's not willing to pay the postage, she's now saying the items are not fit for any child to wear and would'nt put her children in them even to play in the garden shock, she says they are dirty and smell of smoke.

All the items were washed before i sent them, i dont smoke and most of the bloody items have only been worn once by my dd, all marks were described in my listing.

So bloody angry

I have told her to leeve me bad feedback and open a dispute with paypal, i have also said i no longger want contact with her, if she wants her money back she either has to return all items or try and go through paypal. Do you think this is ok?

bubblerock Thu 23-Oct-08 11:39:35

Your items look lovely and I think you are right to let her take it through Paypal.

It's crap when you get an awkard buyer - It really gets you down especially when you go out of your way to be a good seller! sad

I had an email last week as one of my buyers wasn't happy with an item - I offered a full refund if she returned it or a partial refund and she could keep it. She replied saying it was fine, no need for refund as happy with item etc.. I gave her a partial refund as a goodwill gesture anyway. I then noticed she had already left neutral feedback (before she had emailed me) saying item dirty, tag cut & dissapointed!! Why didn't she bloody wait until the issue was resolved, I was sooooo nice and apologetic to her! angry

Sales are down this week sad

Marne Thu 23-Oct-08 11:41:04

yes, im very tempted to give up e-baying altogether sad

bubblerock Thu 23-Oct-08 11:45:36

It's always the Good sellers that get arsehole buyers and the good buyers that get scammed. Ebay are screwing us over with fees but they know they have the monopoly on internet auctions and couldn't care less. angry

Bucharest Thu 23-Oct-08 14:21:44

I would pre-empt and contact ebay myself about her.....this really pisses me off about buyers...I notice she's also only got 37 f/b herself, ad whilst having nothing against new ebayers I do sometimes wonder what they think they are going to get.....pffft.
Good luck. xx
PS also disgusting that sellers are no longer allowed to voice dissent over buyers....makes it a total buyers market and a joke for people just trying to make a bit of extra cash.....grrr.

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