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how do you buy postage via paypal?

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iliketosleep Sun 19-Oct-08 13:45:30

Stupid question i know but i dont want to cock it up hmm

Any advice gratefully recieved

DraculaNeedsArteries Sun 19-Oct-08 13:47:25

Are you a buyer or seller?

It is normally added onto the invoice providing the seller has specified the postage amount int eh listing.

If her has different options (e.g. first class, recorded etc.) there is usually a dropdown list when you get the paypal invoice to select which method you chose (as a buyer)


iliketosleep Sun 19-Oct-08 15:33:18

No a seller, i want to pay for postage through paypal.

I want to know how you get the right amount of postage for item (i presume weighing?) etc

DraculaNeedsArteries Sun 19-Oct-08 17:12:59

Yes you weigh as best you can.

Check on Royal mail how much your parcel will cost using weight and dimensions. (add a little for packaging and fuel to gt to PO and in case your weighing is inaccurate.

Then when you list on ebay you put the postage costs in the listing. You can offer them more than one option (eg first class, second class etc.)

When you have a buyer you send them an invoice and the postage you specify automatically comes up and gets added to the total. They pay you one lump sum.

iliketosleep Sun 19-Oct-08 17:39:37

thankyou for your answers but what i mean is how do you purchase the postage through the paypal website and then print it off?

Rather than going to the post office to send you print the postage off from paypal and then i presume take it to the post office but pay no money as it has already come out of paypal account. Does this make sense? (doesn't to me hmm)

DraculaNeedsArteries Sun 19-Oct-08 17:45:24


i know that you can print poastge direct from the royal mail website.

TBH for a package though I would do it at the PO sa if you don't get an inaccurate weight there could be problems.

You have to take it to teh PO anyway.

bubblagirl Sun 19-Oct-08 17:53:25

my sister was charged more on there than the actual cost to send as by parcel to go up to i think 40kg could be wrong as dont use it quite heavy anyway its only 7 pound something

cost more than that to send package via paypal print off

sixlostmonkeys Sun 19-Oct-08 18:35:06

It's quite straight forward to use paypal for the postage but when you take it to the PO you still have to queue and hand it over to obtain proof of postage. Therefor you havent saved any time or money, but the PO has lost out on the money and may as a result get closed down - doomed!

iliketosleep Sun 19-Oct-08 19:41:45

yes but when you dont have the money to post the things off as all the money is in paypal its an easier option as you need to wait x amount of days to get the funds into bank wink

sarah573 Mon 20-Oct-08 16:30:01

Its really easy. You click on the print postage button at the top of the listing page or in seller manager. This prompts you to log in to paypal. It then provides you with a screen which you enter the service you want and the weight, follow the prompts on the screen and print out the label. I use it all the time, and as the items I sell are small and low value I just put the parcels straight in the post box. They don't seem to be too strict about weights and sizes so long as you don't take the whatsit! I think they realise peoples kitchen scales aren't that accurate. If you take it to the post office then they will check it and charge you the extra if you've got it wrong!

sixlostmonkeys Mon 20-Oct-08 18:52:28

Remember tho - if you do get it wrong the Royal mail can charge the receiver the extra plus £1 handling.

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