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couple of buying and selling questions...

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MadreInglese Thu 16-Oct-08 13:34:32

I bought an item on 24 Sep and paid immediately, it still hasn't arrived. I first emailed the seller last week and she said she posted it straight away so it should be here soon. I emailed again yesterday and she asked me to hang on a bit longer as it was sent second class but it's been three weeks - does second class take that long?

Also, I sold something a week ago today (am fairly new to the selling side) but the buyer still hasn't paid despite me sending an invoice email. Can you see pending paypal payments or just cleared ones?

I'm just wondering if I'm being a little impatient - how long would you wait before getting annoyed and disputing the above two issues?

MerkinFitter Thu 16-Oct-08 14:07:02

start a dispute for your missing item! she is trying to make you wait until either the 45 days are up and you cannot start a paypal claim,or until she can claim from RM herself. YOu, as a buyer, do not need to wait. Start your dispute now, and escalate it to a claim straight away.

As for your buyer, start an ebay dispute if it has been longer than 7 days. This will either gove the buyer a boot up the bum to apy, or if they dont, you will get your fees back and they will get a strike.

YOu have waited too patiently for both things, act now!

MadreInglese Thu 16-Oct-08 14:12:32

Oh have you only 45 days for a claim? Thanks I didn't know that.

Three weeks for something to arrive is taking the mick, isn't it? I don't know how long 2nd class takes.

Re the item I've sold - can I see on paypal if they've paid but it just hasn't cleared yet?

Kaplumbagadort Thu 16-Oct-08 14:16:50

I agree, start dispute on both items.
Payment shows instantly in Paypal. If it was an echeque you would have an email from paypal saying you had been sent an echeque.

MadreInglese Thu 16-Oct-08 14:32:05

Righto, thanks both, will start disputes then

MadreInglese Thu 16-Oct-08 15:20:04

Just a thought, should I give them a warning, ie email them to say unless I receive a refund/payment I will open a dispute? Or just open one anyway?

cluckyagain Thu 16-Oct-08 15:21:39

Give them 24 hours, then start.

cluckyagain Thu 16-Oct-08 15:22:14

Sorry - meant to say, give them an email of 24 hours warning and then start claim if not happy/getting somewhere.

MadreInglese Thu 16-Oct-08 15:25:55

ok, will do that, thanks

EachPeachPearMum Thu 16-Oct-08 15:53:22

You may want to check your sorting office though first! I find RM not particularly good at putting cards through the door if they have tried to deliver something. smile

I'm sure you can see pending payments on your paypal a/c, so you should know if they have attempted to pay. Can you double check the paypal address is correct? Of course if other buyers have paid you, that is not a valid excuse!

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