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What sort of feedback would you leave?

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bogie Wed 15-Oct-08 16:26:59

I have bought a baby grow of a woman it arrived today.
She had 2 very similar ones for sale with a starting price of 99p but she was charging £4 postage which imo far too much for a baby grow, I emailed her and said if I buy both would you reduce the postage, to which she replied no because I am trying to recoop some of the money I have spent on the as they were expensive (from america so tough to get over here new).

I bid on one of hers anyway because I hadn't seen that one anywhere else and its for a presant so I really wanted it.
I then saw another one of the baby grows that she had on auction for sale on the US ebay I bid on that and won and the postage from america was only £2!
the one from the woman in the uk came today it had cat hairs all over it and the price tag said $3.99 which is about £2.50! So she didn't pay alot for them and then charged that much for postage.

So should I just forget it and leave positive or should I leave negitive?
She has 100% positive and has sold quite alot.

bubblagirl Wed 15-Oct-08 16:46:29

well the postage you knew before bidding so if you didnt like the cost then you shouldnt buy

as fotr the cat hairs e mail the seller explain and she may refund you if not leave aneg regarding cat hairs but potage you can rate in the check box when leaving feedback but as you knew it was 4 pound when buying not much you can do about that

if i dont like the postage i dont buy

Overmydeadbody Wed 15-Oct-08 16:49:53

You bought it knowing what the postage was.

Cat hairs, did it state from a smoke and pet free home or not? Email the seller before leaving negative feedback.

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