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How long should i wait for a buyer to pay for an item before i offer to the next bidder??

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J2O Tue 07-Oct-08 17:21:41

Sold on Sat, didn't hear anything, so i invoiced on Mon, still not heard anything.
Should i email them again or wait a while?

swampster Tue 07-Oct-08 18:11:16

You shouldn't offer it to the next bidder, you should open an Unpaid Item dispute.

Ebay says: "Usually the seller must wait 7 days after a listing closes to file an Unpaid Item dispute"...

thisisyesterday Tue 07-Oct-08 18:13:48

it's only been 3 days!!!! not everyone is online every day of the week.

you need to wait at least a week IMO. then e-mail them saying you expect payment by X date or you;'ll open a dispute

J2O Tue 07-Oct-08 19:54:19

ok cool, thanks, i've only sold a couple of items and they've always paid instantly so wasn't sure.

will give it till weekend, thanks for replying

J2O Fri 10-Oct-08 21:19:21

ok so i've emailed them and asked them to let me know if theres a problem. they've been getting feedback nearly every day, so they must have been on ebay and paid or sent items in the last week right? Should i wait till tommorrow and then email them again saying i expect payment within the next few days or just open a dispute?

Lilyloo Sat 11-Oct-08 19:55:13

Would mail them give until Monday then open dispute a week is plenty of time to contact you r/e payment imo.

FAQ Sat 11-Oct-08 19:59:17

getting feedback this week doesn't mean that they've paid or sent items this week - sometimes people wait ages before doing the feedback for other people.

J2O Sat 11-Oct-08 21:12:41

its ok, they've just paid grin

can finally post it on Mon and get the flaming thing out my way!

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