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bought bedding from cs textiles and the payment system seems odd, can you help put my mind at rest

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piratecat Tue 07-Oct-08 11:06:23

Hi, this is a power seller, i have bought a duvet cover. It is an online shop.
I got an email form ebay and one from seller, so tried to pay. When it gets to pay via paypal the page says to pay (sellers name) and i entered my password. Yet the next page asks me enter my new card details, but my card is in date. It wonn't let me go further on that page.

I must also add that on that page its got a 3 yr old billing address of mine too?

Just seemed odd, as i have used paypal recnetly and it's been normal iyswim.

So i came off that page into an option that said go to checkout. Is this the norm for power sellers/shops?

sorry if this all sounds a bit confusing, but I am confused!

MerkinFitter Tue 07-Oct-08 16:21:07

How did you access the paypal page? Did you type the address yourself into the address bar, or did you go via a link in an email?

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