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Is there any point in trying to sell our sofa on ebay?

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CatMandu Sun 05-Oct-08 15:51:06

... it's in cream fabric that looks kind of suede like and is quite grubby. The covers aren't removable and it does come up well when you give it a good wipe with a damp cloth, but there are still marks. We are about to order a new one to replace it because I'm fed up with constantly cleaning it and wonder if it'll be any use to anyone. If not it'll just go to the dump and right now even £50 would be usefull.

What do you think, obviously I would be honest in the listing?

hughjarsssss Sun 05-Oct-08 15:52:35

Message withdrawn

CarGirl Sun 05-Oct-08 15:52:37

List it for £4.99 collection only at least someone may buy it and take it away for you?

Fadge Sun 05-Oct-08 15:54:52 if no-one buys it

ClareVoiant Sun 05-Oct-08 15:57:34

dont forget to wait until you get your new one. our sofa took a whopping 14weeks to arrive!!!

SofiaAmes Sun 05-Oct-08 15:57:49

sell it on won't have to deal with the ebay fees and hassle.

CatMandu Sun 05-Oct-08 15:58:28

Ah yes, I forgot about freecycle. I suppose I think that when I was in my first flat I would have been very happy with it with a throw or something over it. It is most modern and sophisticated - natch.

n5rje Mon 06-Oct-08 12:39:26

I'd try the local paper - ours does free adverts under £100 and you'll probably sell it and get the buyer to come and collect - I was really surprised when I advertised an old suite.

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