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Paypal payment problem on BIN

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Mumi Fri 03-Oct-08 12:09:33

"Your request could not be processed at this time
We were not able to process your payment.
Please contact PayPal customer service for further assistance."

which I have but I'm not holding my breath for an answer any time soon. I linked my Paypal account but it's not showing on "My Account" like the old one I changed it from did. Bank not only says there's no problem but has lifted all checks to guarantee it goes through if presented.

This is after days of Paypal problems with cards not updating and then not being accepted back on to the system when removed completely, so having to open and verify a new account.

I need a new laptop as I'm peering at you through a sea of red pixels and if this isn't sorted in the next 8 hours I'll miss the only deal I can afford

Can anyone please help?

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