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Postage- do you go to the PO to weigh everything b4 quoting when you list?!

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teslagirl Fri 26-Sep-08 11:14:36

Got myself into a bit of a tangle about this. The PO website seems to imply you can't post anything over a certain weight and dimension- 2kg? IS this so?

Do you go to your local PO and annoy them by tying up their scales for half an hour, carefully balancing some brown paper and string on top of each item as you go?!!

Or do you trust your digital kitchen scales?

I used to be a reasonably keen seller (in Oz) but I do get the impression that eBay in the UK seems to have lost its way- or at least, is making life for its original 'core' clients so hard it's not worth doing any more. It seems the buyer is always right!

And am I right in thinking you can't offer cash upon collection any more as that might deprive Paypal of its vast profits?

teslagirl Fri 26-Sep-08 11:15:47

Oh, I meant to add- if the item IS over 2kg or whatever the limit is, what happens? Do you have to call around 20 different courier companies to arrange a quote and be home at collection time??

TheBlonde Fri 26-Sep-08 11:16:59

I use the kitchen scales
The prices are listed online for over 2kg and big parcels uk options

you can do cash on collection but you are forced to offer paypal on your listing too iirc

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