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Buyer saying Wrong Item...despite leaving positive feedback on day recieved

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MUM23ASD Fri 26-Sep-08 08:52:20

on day delivered he left feedback saying 'great item'....then 2 days later said my DH has sent him the wrong item.

its a golf club...and DH knows he sent the one he listed as he only listed 1 of that make etc.

where does he stand? does the fact that the bloke has confirmed via feedback that he is happy mean that if the bloke complained to ebay that they'd be on my dh's side?

dh reckons he'd know straight away if the buyer returned the club if it was the one that he sold....but i said that if he lets the buyer return it...and the buyer returns the wrong item...then my dh is stuck with something that may not sell

Bucharest Fri 26-Sep-08 08:53:44

I don't think the f/b can be retracted without a lengthy dispute wotsit....He's accepted the item, and left f/b so I'd say you're in the clear....

MUM23ASD Fri 26-Sep-08 09:01:56

thanks...that is my feeling. I feel the buyer thinks my husband is some kind of 'golf club shop' my husband frequently buys a club of ebay...trys it out...blames IT for a bad game (when its his techniquethat is bad!!!) then sells it on over the past 6 months he's probably bought and sold 5 clubs....and i therefore wonder if the buyer is trying it on- assuming that my dh has a shelf full of clubs - and he selected the wrong one to post!

MrsMagooo Fri 26-Sep-08 09:02:48

I'd say there's not much the buyer can do as he's confirmed he's happy via F/B!!

FAQ Fri 26-Sep-08 09:11:38

I agree with the others

I had the reverse a month or so back - sold some boys slippers, they were really good condition, tiny bit of scuffing on one of them, but otherwise immaculate.

She emailed me to tell me that she'd thrown them in the bin as they had a hole in them and were unusable..........

I emailed her back "aplogising" for not noticing a hole (it wasn't there I know it wasn't - DS2 wore them twice and then had a growth spurt) and saying if she retrieved them from the bin and returned them to me I would refund her.....

I heard nothing back - and then she left positive feedback [confused]

MUM23ASD Fri 26-Sep-08 09:15:53

thanks...yes i've noticed on here that as soon as people are asked to return the suddenly becomes 'acceptable'. its sad that there are so many scammers!

I have OCD (obsessive cumpulsive) and use ebay as a way of clearing my stash that i just cannot throw away...i often make hardly any profit...and love the feeling that someone is getting my treasure- and will treasure it themselves. I take great effort in packing items when someone complains i take it very much to heart!!!!

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