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Broken item ... what should I offer as the seller ?

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Katw3kitts Thu 25-Sep-08 10:15:32

I sold 3 lots of ceramic door plates and door knobs. All wrapped up the same way, lots of bubblewrap,lots of polystyrene fillers in a shoe box with fragile on the label.

2 were sent in UK and received fine with no problems.

The third was sent to France where the buyer has just informed me one plate was broken, she was very disappointed and thought the wrapping was not sufficient (well.. she has a point if it is broken !)

I realise now I should have sent special delivery as fragile items are not covered by royal mail claims. Hey ho !

I've asked to see a photo, but apparently it has been mended (glued?) and 'not so terrible'.

I only sold it for £10 plus £7 postage, so its not worth the return postage. I'd happily give a refund (although this hasnt been asked for yet).

What should my next steps be ?

Lilyloo Thu 25-Sep-08 13:34:45

I would ask her what she thinks would be a suitable refund to cover the plate if you happy to refund it all she may accept less as it was only one item.

sixlostmonkeys Thu 25-Sep-08 15:54:53

If she hasn't asked then wait, until she does.

If she wants a refund then explain that you will happily refund if she either returns it or shows you a photo. If she can do neither then you are not obliged to refund.
Maybe she just wanted to complain...who knows?

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