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if theres an item with a starting price and no bids and a buy itnow ... if you bid will the buy it now dissapear?

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DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 18-Sep-08 21:51:35

thats it really grin

Ewe Thu 18-Sep-08 21:52:19

Nope I don't think so. What you buying?

tortoise Thu 18-Sep-08 21:53:29

Yes as soon as a bid is made the buy it now option goes.

Ewe Thu 18-Sep-08 21:53:39

Actually, it does! Just checked.

Ewe Thu 18-Sep-08 21:54:10

How had I never noticed that?? [idiot]

DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 18-Sep-08 21:54:41

ah right thanks!

DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 18-Sep-08 21:55:31

trying to weigh up whether i should buy it now .. or try bidding (but then run the risk of it going higher than the buy it now was at)

Piffle Thu 18-Sep-08 21:55:41

if there is a reserve it does not go til reserve is met

DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 18-Sep-08 21:56:09

no reserve just a starting bid

DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 19-Sep-08 10:33:39

i DECIDED TO BID, SO NOW AM THE ONLY BIDDER WITH 24 HOURS TO GO AND ITEM IS (oops caps) £70 under the BIN, its a popular item though so I don't expect to be the only bidder.

I have offered her a lower BIN price so will see what she says

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