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what on earth has happened to layout on my ebay?

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cheesesarnie Wed 17-Sep-08 21:22:16

i dont get it!

S1ur Thu 18-Sep-08 02:10:33

they updated and yes is a tad annoying!

cheesesarnie Fri 19-Sep-08 10:49:55

thanks.i found a magic button and put it back to how it used to be as really didnt understand it.i am an old fart.

NorbertDentressangle Fri 19-Sep-08 10:54:34

I was trying to do a search for something earlier and , whereas it used to be really easy, its now a complete PITA.

Mind you, my MN is set to MN Classic so I'm an old fart at heart too smile

cheesesarnie Fri 19-Sep-08 10:58:16

mine toogrinfar to uncool for all this modern malarky(am only 30)

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