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perhaps a silly question but what do I do when item not received?

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IHeartIona Wed 17-Sep-08 14:15:41

I have used ebay for a few yrs but never not received an item before. Bought a book mid Aug and haven't got it yet. I emailed the seller and she said she had posted it ten days earlier.
It must be lost in the post - do I just lose my money or does she need to send me the proof of postage so I can claim with the royal mail? And do I need to do the item not received thing through ebay or is that only for when the seller has no proof of posting?
My dh seems to think I just have to put up with it and can't do anything...

thanks for any advice!

Mutt Wed 17-Sep-08 14:20:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sixlostmonkeys Wed 17-Sep-08 15:09:53

yup, message seller again and ask for a refund. Then, if you don't get a refund file an item not received dispute.

They need to refund you and then they claim from the RM

IHeartIona Wed 17-Sep-08 15:22:58

great, thanks for the advice!

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