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Im in a right bloomin mess now, don't know what to do......

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OneBoyOneGirl Wed 17-Sep-08 00:00:05

I sold two large bundles of clothes on ebay this weekend, which incidently both sold for less than a fiver.

I went sunday to book courier and had a message from the lady who brought the first bundle asking when to expect it. I told her courier was arranged for today and to expect tomorrow or thursday.

So the courier was booked for today, we waited in all day and it didn't show. I contacted them and they say that the driver attempted collection at 2.53pm today and that they were charged as an aborted collection so they cannot do anything and i will have to pay to rebook.

But nobody came at all, no card incase i was upstairs etc, although would have heard them anyway.

I am emailing back and forth to the company but realise that i am not going to get anywhere tonight. But the problem is i don't have anymore money, in paypal or otherwise to pay £13 for the courier again and i won't have the money until a) i get a refund from the firm, unlikely and won't be soon if i do or b) wait until next week when i get CB to rebook and hope the buyers are understanding and wait until then.

I sold them on my dads ebay account too so am dreading him having negatives.

I have used the courier so many times and never had an issue before. I don't know what to do.

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 00:03:12

Did the courier go to your dad's house? Have you phoned to check the address? If you can provide proof that you were in all day then you shouldn't have to pay again. I'd phone them up and confirm the details they have for you are correct.

mabanana Wed 17-Sep-08 00:07:34

Why do you need a courier? Why not the post?

OneBoyOneGirl Wed 17-Sep-08 00:57:14

sorry, been battling with the blooming internet connection.

No, it was definately booked here - they're courier is saying he came but i know he didn't, not sure how to prove it. They have the correct address etc.

DH thinks he was probably running late or something so didn't bother to save time or something hmm

I booked courier cause it is two massive boxes and was the cheapest way to do it with tracking etc.

nelix2000 Wed 17-Sep-08 08:02:07

did you book the courier via ebay? i had the same problem with a service on the site...never arrived. was awful and had to pay twice.....making the item I sold more than free to the buyer

OneBoyOneGirl Wed 17-Sep-08 08:12:24

i did yes, it was a firm from ebay, they use DHL, i had used them before though and have never had a problem. I dont mind being out of pocket on the items, just feel bad making the buyers wait another week until i even send their items.

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 13:37:09

Email them, I'm sure they will understand.

Kayran Wed 17-Sep-08 13:39:32

We had something similar. Ask them to ask the driver what colour door you had/or something that is distinctive about your house. If he cannot give any detail you then are able to push the balance of probability back to you. Good luck.

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