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Starting an ebay shop - where do you get the stock from to do it???!!

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iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 10:50:56

I would like to start an ebay shop - maybe baby stuff or make up, but I'm wondering where you get the stuff from to sell - any experts on here?

IMNthereforeIjudge Sun 14-Sep-08 10:52:18

You can look online for wholesale stock I will go and try and google you some .

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 10:54:45

thank you so much! I've recently been made unemployed because of the floods we've had and it could be a good solution (hopefully)x

IMNthereforeIjudge Sun 14-Sep-08 10:56:15 There are lots this one looks good but I think you have to join there are loads more aswell .

Hope it works out for you .

Frizbe Sun 14-Sep-08 10:57:22

Get your bottom to Spring Fair at the NEC, lots of suppliers there for all sorts of things. You've just missed Autum fair, sorry.

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 12:44:58

any ideas for a cosmetics shop name would be great ................

Dropdeadfred Sun 14-Sep-08 12:49:21

there are already lots of cosmetics shops on ebay and generally online...have you thought if you would defintely make a profit after the shop fees etc?

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 12:50:51

would it be better to just use my usual seller account rather than opening a shop?

Dropdeadfred Sun 14-Sep-08 12:53:32

possibly build up from the seller account and then open a shop if you are doing well? I think the shop fees can be expensive...

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 12:55:01

oh right i might just do that to begin with then, I've just bought a few bits and pieces to begin with

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 13:52:20

bump just to see if anyone else has any knowlege of this ............

sixlostmonkeys Sun 14-Sep-08 17:53:15

You probably won't get anyone to tell you their sources - it's not an easy thing to find and business aren't going to give their secrets away to competitors smile

Do lots of homework on ebay. Look at various items and see what they generally sell for and more importantly how many don't sell.
Work out the fees for listing. Shops are changing on the 24th and the type of shop you open will affect the listing price of each item.
Take into account not only listings fees and shop fees, but also fvf, paypal fees, running costs and tax.

It's usually best to stick to an area you know lots about, maybe a hobby?

Tread carefully; it's easy to lose money when trying to sell on ebay - more so these days. If items go for 99p, even if they cost you nothing, the actual profit is usually just pennies. If you work out how many items you can list, photo, invoice, wrap and send in one day, you will get an idea of what profit per item you actually need to make to make it worthwhile.

iLoveIceCream Sun 14-Sep-08 19:42:51

I dont actually want to make a living from ebay - just to tide me over until the flood damage is repaired and I can go back to work

flubdub Sun 14-Sep-08 21:14:51

You do usually have to pay to get lists of decent wholesalers. We use
I think it was £5 for a months viewing, but all you need to do is write down the names of the wholesalers, and then once your month is up, you have the names. Decent wholesalers are hard to find on the internet, as theres a lot of crap to sift through.
they only have to put the word 'wholesale' in their site 'ie 'Wholesale Prices!!!' And they'll come up on Google. They probably wont even have wholesale prices!!
Also, dont forget to check out the job lots and wholesale section on eBay - theres bargains to be had!!
Please also check out this page, something might be useful for you there to save pennies! Also this website, and this one search eBay for you, and find items that have no bids, and are finishes within a few minutes.
I know that may not be exactly what you're looking for, but if you want to sell makeup, theres lots of people on ebay that sell stock from shops that have gone into liquidation. You may find a bargain, and be able to sell it on again!

flubdub Sun 14-Sep-08 21:17:52

also will search any typos for you. try 'makeup' and it will search the whole of ebay, for listings that people dont see as they arnt spelt correctly ie 'makup'.

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