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For gods sake, ebay is so shit

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MrsSnape Sat 13-Sep-08 08:27:51

A woman bought two items of clothing off me about 2 weeks ago. She delibrately pushed the price up, out bidding everyone else and once she won it, didn't pay angry

After 2 days she eventually told me she was sending a postal order. I realise now this was just to stall me.

So I waited 10 days for this bloody fictional postal order to arrive and when it didn't I emailed her and asked if she'd sent it. No reply.

I then emailed her the day after saying if she didn't respond within 24 hours I'd file a dispute. No reply.

So I filed a dispute. Now bearing in mind I'd already waited longer than the normal '7 days' thinking this postal order was on its way so it was about 13 days AFTER the listing ended by this point.

So of course, I now have to wait 7 days to close the entire thing unless she responds, which its obvious she has no intention of doing.

Its a complete piss take. By the time this situation is resolved, ebays new 'listing fees' and 'FVF's will be in effect and it won't even be worth me selling them.

I'm tempted just to relist them now...keep the dispute open, hope she doesn't reply and then get the fvf back. Should I?

MrsSnape Sat 13-Sep-08 08:34:30

Oh I've just checked her new feedback (obv. positive since we can't do any other now) and glad I read it. Someone has given her a feedback saying "Never paid for item even after assuring me that she would. Waste of Time".

I hope people read these, seems like she's just messing people around.

mustrunmore Sat 13-Sep-08 08:51:32

You have my sympathies. i'm in an ebay huff this morning too.

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