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Is this a bargain or too good to be true??

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tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 11:29:28


My printer is dead! I need a new one but is this too good to be true? How can they sell them so cheap? I really don't want to waste my money if it is going to be crap.

Can't afford to buy new so Ebay is my best option.

If this one is no good can you find me a good(cheap) one please?

bubblagirl Wed 10-Sep-08 11:44:49

refurbished always start cheap

have you tried freecycle at all just in this week 6 have been offered local to me maybe put a wanted one up and see if you get any offers

bubblagirl Wed 10-Sep-08 11:50:29


tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 11:55:00

Thanks for repling.
Freecycle is a problem because i can't drive so can't pick items up. So far i have never managed to get any wanteds or been given anything i asked for. I assume mainly because i can't pick up.

Would prefer an all in one really.

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 10-Sep-08 11:55:27

Its an auction, that price is just the starting price. It may go for a lot more, depending on what people bid.

I start every thing off at 99p, even things that usually go for a good price.

Low start = lots of interest = more bids = higher selling price.

See, you are so interested due to the low start price you've even told us all about it, so the low start strategy works smile

bubblagirl Wed 10-Sep-08 12:04:18

try here one ending cheap in 9 mins

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 13:45:14

Thanks.Missed that one. I was picking DD2 up from school.

bubblagirl Wed 10-Sep-08 15:18:41

theres more cheap ones in list

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 21:03:11

Thanks, i will have a look.
Not really got any idea what the best sort

MillyMoop Wed 10-Sep-08 21:08:47

Have you tried using a auction site like Bidnip? I can't remember any of the other names but there are loads out there.

They bid on your behalf in the last 10 seconds. I find that works best for me and stops me from getting drawn into a bidding frenzy.

I got a great treadmill for dh, the same company sold several where bids got up to £600 and I used Bidnip and got it for £290.

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 21:12:33

yes i use lotsnipe. smile I do find it very useful especially if i am going to be out when the listing is ending.

Pesha Wed 10-Sep-08 21:16:21

Tortoise (you are the one that lives near me aren't you? I'm almost sure you are!) I have a printer I was about to put on freecycle!! Its an Epson Stylus photo R300, doesn't have scan or copy but prints fine, its a photo jobby one and even has memory card slots! It does need a new black ink cartridge but colour still ok.

Its yours if you want it and I can bring it over to you sometime at the weekend I expect as we come to cary often enough and I have to take some old baby clothes to a friend in South Barrow.

I'm not sure where the installation disc and instruction book are, I know we have them because I packed them the other day in preparation for moving, I just cant rememeber where! I expect you could download software from epson site or somewhere though.

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 21:31:27

wow yes i am (although i believe you have name changed lol!) That would be fantastic. Might have problems downloading software with this poorly PC but i can try.
Thank you so much. smile

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 21:38:31

Actually, now i see your name is similar to someone else who lives fairly near to me and you haven't changed name lol!

Pesha Wed 10-Sep-08 21:53:38

Lol! I actually have name changed because I changed to Pisha for a while (I may have reported a few incidents of drinking to my pn club that led to the nickname! hmm blush) but have now changed back to my original name!

I will have a bit of a search tomorrow for the disc, I've only just packed it this week so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Email me at dynamai@ yahoo . co. uk and I can let you know when I'm coming your way smile

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 21:55:29

Will email now. Thanks. smile

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