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Paypal payment received - do I definitely have the money?! Does this transaction sound weird to you?

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Tinkjon Sun 07-Sep-08 15:11:47

I put an item on as a Buy It Now and received an instant payment via Paypal. My Paypal account says the transaction is completed - does that mean the money is definitely in my account now?

It just seems a little odd - I advertised 2 identical items and someone in the UK but with a Polish email address asked me how much it would cost to buy both. Seemed a bit weird anyway, as why would somebody want 2 of exactly the same items? (it's something you would only need one of). Anyway, since then someone else has bought them - another person in the UK with a Polish email address, but this is definitely somebody different! All just seems very odd...

Buyer's address is unconfirmed, too - as long as I get him to verify his address, and I obtain proof of postage, then it should be ok, right?

Grateful for any advice, thanks!

misdee Sun 07-Sep-08 15:12:50

if the money is showing in your balence, then the money is there.

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