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How long to wait for item return before telling them to get lost?

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MrsSnape Fri 05-Sep-08 15:38:16

I sold a DVD box set on ebay on the 22nd august. Sent it out more or less straight away so she would have received it around the 25th.

She messages me the day she received it saying she wasn't happy with it as the box was cracked and it was broken. This is crap because it was in perfect condition when I sent it. Anyway she demanded her money back so to avoid a faff I told her to send it back and I'd refund.

She replied to this on the 30th august, totally different attitude this time, being really nice and saying I should kick off at the post office for breaking it hmm Since this I have heard nothing from her.

Its now the 5th september and to be honest, she's now had time to watch the entire set, copy them perhaps and has probably broke the box on purpose as an excuse to send them back once she'd finished with them.

I don't like being taken for a ride and I especially hate being screwed over with money blush so how long to wait for the item to be returned to me before I refuse the refund and consider the transaction complete?

OneBoyOneGirl Fri 05-Sep-08 15:44:23

I always say refund if item returned within 14 days.

wotulookinat Fri 05-Sep-08 15:47:03

Yes, I think 14 days is standard, which would be the 8th September (Monday).
Do you have a returns policy specified on your listing?

MrsSnape Fri 05-Sep-08 15:50:37

No I've never thought to add one.

If I give her until Monday and then refuse to refund can I get into trouble? otherwise this could go on for weeks.

And I'm still annoyed that she's broken it because it was practically new.

wotulookinat Fri 05-Sep-08 15:55:51

Did she pay by Paypal?

OneBoyOneGirl Fri 05-Sep-08 16:00:39

I don't think you'll get in to trouble, although she can leave negative feedback and may open a paypal dispute, which do tend to go in buyers favour ime, but don't see how she can complain when you've offered a refund and she hasn't returned the item.

sixlostmonkeys Fri 05-Sep-08 16:42:39

I had a very similar experience recently. I immediately offered a refund upon the item being returned. 10 days went by, enough time for the book to be read. My offer of refund was longer available. She opened a snad dispute with paypal and I won.

I'd consider this transaction complete, and should she contact you again, politely point out the time frame. If she opens a dispute, calmy respond - paypal may well find in your favour as they did with me.

MrsSnape Fri 05-Sep-08 17:12:32

Yes she paid by paypal. I'm not too bothered about 1 negative feedback to be honest because so many sellers are getting them unfairly now that they're starting to mean less.

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