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Any decent cheap couriers to send a buggy?

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andyrobo237 Sun 31-Aug-08 20:29:29

Need to send a buggy on Tues - I put £12 in for posting and packaging - any cheap couriers out there that people have used that are reliable?


CarGirl Sun 31-Aug-08 20:31:31

I've used parcel-tree who use DHL and it's all been fine so far!

nicolamumof3 Sun 31-Aug-08 21:08:30

www.directparceldelivery sent my maclaren double last week picked up at 1.30pm was there the following morning! They also use DHL is around £7ish.

andyrobo237 Sun 31-Aug-08 21:48:44

Great - will use directparcel one - just need to give the buggy a clean now - not dirty but I prefer to send them out clean and take piccies of condition when sent!

Bought a Zia today - not used it yet - DH rolled is eyes up, but once it was up and rinning he could see it was better than the Verve!

nicolamumof3 Sun 31-Aug-08 22:06:47

I am fanatical with my buggies when i send them off they get the full works. I sell what i'd like to receive. unfortunately not always a two way thing lol! glad you like the zia i've heard they are good. my phil n teds arrives tomorrow!

andyrobo237 Sun 31-Aug-08 22:18:31

OOhh a P&T - my brother has one in orange! It is the doubles one has they have two under three - it is great and easy to push - we are downsizing here as DS is 18 months, so I now have a Jane carrera pushchair and the Zia! I love prams!!!!

nicolamumof3 Sun 31-Aug-08 22:31:10

me too hun! I've sold two this week though! and only bought one!! lol. im now down to my ziko buggy for car and my p&t i've got two boys (and an older one) but two littleuns 2.8yrs and 13m.

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