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How would I be able to claim a partial refund for an item??

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carrielou2007 Sat 30-Aug-08 20:29:36

Bought an item 2 weeks ago today, paid as soon as auction ended. It's a buggy so emailed the seller with address that is my parents (paypal verified). Listing states first class delivery 1 working day.

I know this does not mean you will get it a day later, it means the day after it is posted. Had reply saying 'ok thanks'. Had not received it by last sat so emailed seller. They said they had not sent it but would 'sort it'. Still nothing, today after emailing them again they said they have sent it (no reply when I then asked for tracking number to see when sent so when should get here)

If I open a item not received dispute, would part of that process mean I may get a part refund on postage as 2 weeks I feel is unacceptable to pay 12.99 for first class delivery. Is there a better way could someone advise or is this not the right process at all??!! Thank you.

lottiejenkins Sat 30-Aug-08 22:59:01

This sounds scarily like an earlier thread of several months ago when someone was scamming people by selling pushchairs.... hope it isnt the same person,,, dont want to scare you...............

vixma Sat 30-Aug-08 23:19:23

Tell me about it, I bought some shower gel advertised as new, but was not. I have contacted the seller, no reply after seven days.....not sure what to do now.

missjennipenni Sun 31-Aug-08 07:03:50

Both of you, open disputes now!

carrie - open one for item not recieved, before the seller empties the account

vix - open one for not as described, you may get your money back

Piffle Sun 31-Aug-08 07:19:04

it is sellers duty to ensure you receive your item
File dispute now
I did this and got entire cost of transaction back including postage.
Good luck

lottiejenkins Sun 31-Aug-08 08:17:46

Can anyone remember any of the details of the pushchair scam of a few months ago??? It went on over two threads so was a long running thing.

carrielou2007 Tue 02-Sep-08 07:07:19

thanks everyone, the buggy arrived yesterday - finally - and it is broken!!! Am so fuming fuming fuming, have emailed the seller and this morning have opened a snad dispute as have had enough of this. Flippin ebay!!!

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