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Isn't it stupid that sellers cant leave negatives for crappy buyers now.

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WorrieWort Wed 27-Aug-08 23:38:27

I totally understand where they're coming from but i have had some right problems lately and seem to end up with all the negatives.

On two occasions people didn't pay and ok they got a 'strike' but where do those things even show up??

Then i sold a man a lovely bundle and situation was this:
he said it was dirty and wanted a refund (but it definately was not!), but to save argument i offered him a refund if she sent the bundle back AND to pay for the return postage - then he said she wanted half of the items so would i send him half the money back - i said ok send me half the items and ill refund half the money, then he said she had decided to keep the bundle afterall.

OK, but then i check my feedback to have:
Took 10 Days to post (lie i have proof posted day after auction courier)
Dirty (lie)
Stunk (quite offended by that bit)
Wrong Sizes (lie)
and heres the punchline
Seller Offered Me Nothing! Upset!

So i put underneath, item as described, wanted bundle and money - then he puts - NOT as described, didn't offer refund!

I know i should probably put it down to bad look and that he's a t*at but i sell bundles on their regular and this is the only -ve ive got from 671 feedback.

And i can't even defend myself of their feedback!

Phew, rant over!

BadHair Thu 28-Aug-08 00:42:46

I know it's annoying but if it's just one out of 671 then I wouldn't worry - any sane person who checks your feedback will work out that that buyer was a tw*t. That's what I think when I see feedback like that.

oops Thu 28-Aug-08 00:49:14

Message withdrawn

chipmonkey Thu 28-Aug-08 01:50:49

WorrieWort, have you left him any feedback?

OneBoyOneGirl Thu 28-Aug-08 01:58:15

No, it only gives me the option of positive so i haven't left any at all.

OneBoyOneGirl Thu 28-Aug-08 02:07:22

Oh, WorrieWort is also me

mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Thu 28-Aug-08 07:18:55

Just leave a positive for them in caps - saying 'NEG TRANSACTION and put what happened'

sixlostmonkeys Thu 28-Aug-08 07:26:18

unfortunately you can't leave negative positives - ebay will remove them.

tigermoth Thu 28-Aug-08 07:45:11

Once or twice, I have left a negative statement on positive feedback in the last month or so, and the statement hasn't been removed so far.

I have done it by being mild in my negative statement, but hopefully the warning will still alert other sellers. In your case I'd have put something like: 'prompt comms but buyer did not read my replies properly or act on them'

mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Thu 28-Aug-08 09:26:44

Mine haven't been removed either. Just state facts, they can't remove that - only insults/names/addresses/personal info can be removed as far as I know.

liahgen Thu 28-Aug-08 09:29:40

i have too left negative positives due to stupid buyers not reading listing properly then leaving me crap feedback.

Hasn't been removed yet.

I asked ebay to remove a neutral onmine as information was totally wrong but they refused.

i'm giving up on it.

welshlinz Thu 28-Aug-08 09:31:41

I was in exactly the same boat but luckily ebay removed mine as the seller was chucked off ebay for doing it to alot of people. This new system is a load of rubbish. People just don't bother paying or write neg comments because they know the seller is completely helpless. I am a business on there and I have noticed ALOT of recent problems due to this new system.


mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Thu 28-Aug-08 09:34:07

Agree welshlinz - it isn't fair on the good sellers. A stupid system. Why do ebay not realise that buyers are just as 'risky' as sellers?

missjennipenni Thu 28-Aug-08 12:40:09

Ebay CAN remove false positives if the buyer requests it

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