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why would someone be having problems with their paypal?

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champagneSupernova Wed 27-Aug-08 22:18:01

have had a message from someone I've paid for something, (paid on 22 Aug) saying he's having problems with his paypal account.
MyEbay has a little egg timer saying that my payment is "being processed through paypal"
Is that weird or what?

Flossish Wed 27-Aug-08 22:19:11

could it be that his account hasn't been verified? I had it when i brought something above a certain amount and I had to wait for money to be paid into my account to prove it was really mine!

dizzydixies Wed 27-Aug-08 22:19:57

oh I did once and had to apologise to a seller for a delay - can't remember why though sorry blush

hollyandnoah Thu 28-Aug-08 01:02:04

hey ive had lots of paypal problems, because i forgot to confirm the two deposits that went into my bank. I didn't realise they went in when i poened the account. they put a limit on mt account and when i reached the limit o was stuck with £87 in it but i couldnt spend it. lasted about one week or so. But i always used my partners paypal. Tried to open my own but it wouldnt let me link my bank account up because the account used to be used in my partners one. Silly

nappyaddict Thu 28-Aug-08 02:09:51

it happened to me once when it was showing that it had gone through on paypal and then the bank took the money back.

missjennipenni Thu 28-Aug-08 12:41:09

Its being sent as an e-cheque. Its usually because their paypal has an expired credit/debit card on it

missjennipenni Thu 28-Aug-08 12:41:55

and e-cheques can take up to 10 days to clear!

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