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Someone has bid and won my item from Italy although i put uk only! What do i do ?

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Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:00:17

Basically just before listing ended they asked if i would ship to Italy so i checked postage costs and asked if they paid them i would.
They paid paypal after winning item. Item less than £5.
Basically i have just packaged it all up and only just realised that there is a size restriction on 'small' parcels shipped internationally. Which i got p+p cost from.
Should i just mail explain and refund him ?
I think the postage costs otherwise are going to be extortionate and as the item is very little value i can't afford to cover extra costs!
Am i going to get neg feedback as i am new to selling ?

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:20:55

Also if i refund can i do second chance offer to next lower bid ?
How long should i wait to do that ?

FrannyandZooey Sun 24-Aug-08 17:32:32

if you are serious about selling you should send the item and cover the extra cost yourself - you did agree to do it, and the mistake is yours, not your buyer's
ebay doesn't allow you to rescind on the sale because you have made a mistake - you have a responsibility to send the item now it is sold, sorry

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Aug-08 17:36:05

I did exactly the same as you, basically had to pay the extra and send it. I did find a cheap courier though so I wasn't out of pocket.

What's the postage problem? The parcel's too small physically?

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:39:07

How do i stop people bidding from abroad in future ?
Also i am unsure of how to send it as i can only find mail up to 90 cm on the royal mail site ?

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Aug-08 17:45:05

Are you using this to find your prices?

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:46:55

no it's over 90 cm ?
I am going to have to pay the extra costs as it's heavier now it's packed as i have boxed it due to long distance.
But on the postage costs i have estimated from it says the item can be no more than 90cm w+h+d but it exceeds this.
I can't see another way to send larger parcels.

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:48:37

Yes but it only says small packets can i ship a larger one ?

lilysmummy2007 Sun 24-Aug-08 17:54:21

did the same with a clothing bundle they wanted posting to hungary and quoted too little for postage in the last minutes of the acutionand later realised it was about 7 pound more expensive so just asked the buyer if they would cover the cost, they said no and i just asked them if we could mutually withdraw from the sale, which they did and then you can give a second chance offer and get back the final value fee from ebay as well

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Aug-08 17:59:13

I'm no expert on the Royal Mail (and find their website unclear) but from what I remember they send items up to 2kg, heavier stuff goes through Parcel Force and can be up to 150cm long.

I sent mine through a courier someone on here linked to on Ebay, I've tried to find them but couldn't, afraid I don't have their name anymore.

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 17:59:51

lilysmummy that sounds better.
I am getting myself into a state over this.
I am just going to mail him and explain situation.
I cannot work out what extra costs would be so should i just refund and ask him if we mutually withdraw from sale ?

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Aug-08 18:00:00

Infact, I specifically remember being glared at by a PO counter woman who got her tape measure out to check my parecel was under 150cm.

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 18:01:32

Thanks proyaffle will have to look at parcelforce.
It's under 2kg that's why i agreed to send it to Italy but it is too big.
I have thought of splitting the item into two parcels but would this be too risky if one went missing ?

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Aug-08 18:07:18

The lady in the PO suggested splitting mine into 2 parcels (when I picked myself up off the floor after she told me how much it would cost to send) apparently it sometimes works out cheaper.

pita isn't it? I don't sell on Ebay anymore but if i did I wouldn't agree to post abroad again, too complicated.

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 18:20:23

i don't know why i agreed really didn't realise how much hassle it would be and he caught me by surprise.
My problem is Italy is notorious for loosing parcels so i was going to pay an extra £3.50 for signed for but that would double if i sent two. If one went missing the whole thing would be useless.
Basically if i send it either way i will be paying more to send it than i got for the item and postage by about £10 if i send it as two or more prob if i can find out another way.
I can't see anything on parcelforce either ?
I am just going to refund and explain and hope he understands. If he still wants it i can get the full postal price from post office on Tuesday and see if he is prepared to pay it but it will cost more than for him to buy it new!
I feel awful but i don't see what else i can do ?

lilysmummy2007 Sun 24-Aug-08 21:38:55

yes thats the best thing to do, just apologise, say that you thought it may be cheaper but if you cover the cost it would leave you out of pocket and you really are sorry and it is a novice mistake, which was my position, once you mutually withdraw ebay will refund you and thats it.

lilysmummy2007 Sun 24-Aug-08 21:44:24

also he shouldnt be able to leave feedback after anyway

Lilyloo Sun 24-Aug-08 21:46:34

How do you mutually withdraw ?
I have refunded and explained reason with option of me going to post office to get a price for large parcel on Tuesday or if he is happy to have 2 parcels that way he can decide as i wouldn't be happy to split without his say so.
I looked up couriers £28-45 so not option.
Can't see anything on sending large parcels so can only ask at post office.
But at least he has his money until we can sort it out.

lilysmummy2007 Sun 24-Aug-08 23:13:51

just go to report an unpaid item an it willgive you the option to mutually withdraw aqnd it will send an email to him requesting confirmation of the withdrawal, and that should sort it.

Lilyloo Mon 25-Aug-08 21:12:01

Thanks ladies for your help it all sorted.
Luckily he was very understanding and even left me nice feedback smile
Phew!! Have now blocked all international bids so it can't happen again!

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