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Has any one got a mo to talk to me about ebay please?

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deanychip Sat 23-Aug-08 20:20:37

I have only ever had a quick look on ebay.

I have some stuff that i could sell but dont know what to do and i am a bit nervous about it.

Is any one well experienced in selling stuff on there?
What do i do from step 1 through to sending and recieving payment.
How does it translate into cash?
What about packaging, how do you know how much to charge for p&p?

Please go slowely as i am very bad at anything computer.

Thanks so much x

MrsSnape Sat 23-Aug-08 22:05:32

whatever you want to sell, have a quick look for it on ebay first to get a rough idea of how much they're selling for and how much p&p is likely to be (see what others are charging for the same item).

You need to set up a paypal account ( and whenever anyone buys something, they pay into your paypal account and you can then transfer the money directly to your bank account.

deanychip Sun 24-Aug-08 09:21:53

ok, thats great thanks.

How long can you leave an item on eby if it doesnt sell straight away?

blueshoes Sun 24-Aug-08 09:41:29

deanychip, have you gone on eBay Explained? here

It has various advice, including How to Sell.

There are 2 main ways of selling, being auction and Buy-It-Now ( or fixed price). In both cases, you can choose to put ('list') your item on eBay for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. You have to sell your item within that time, otherwise the listing ends and you still have to pay listing fees and other fees.

As for postage and packing ('p&p'), what are you trying to sell?

deanychip Sun 24-Aug-08 16:59:46

Its hairdressing capes, i have checked for them and they go for between £6-£18 each p&p seems to be about £2.

Thanks for that link, i will have a perusal.

blueshoes Sun 24-Aug-08 17:22:01

Oh clothing is easy p&p-wise. I was worried it might be bulky or fragile items.

Just fold it up, but it in a pre-paid postal bag (you can buy these at the post office) or just put it in a plastic bag, tape it up and stick into an envelope. Try to keep within the dimensions of a Large Letter (rather than small packet) and you will keep your postage costs even lower.

Royalmail second class will do. Weigh with packing on kitchen scales to get weight and you can estimate the postage with this link

I try to post at the post office so I can get a certificate of posting which allows you/buyer to claim compensation of up to £36 if the item goes astray. If you are careful, you should send by recorded delivery to avoid buyers doing the sneaky paypal refund. But for low value items, I take a calculated risk that no buyer would bother to scam so just get the certificate of delivery.

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