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Item broken on arrival - am I covered by paypal payment?

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misspollysdolly Thu 21-Aug-08 23:21:52

Just bought a le creuset wok on ebay, cost was around £50 - this included £15 P&P though no insurance. It arrived today (not packaged terribly well really IMO) and one of the handles has broken off in transit. On close inspection of the box, it would seem that it has been knocked or dropped, but also it was claer that the item was not tightly packed/protected in the packaging. Really quite annoyed TBH. angry

Paid with paypal -does this offer any kind of insurance and if so what do I do next? Should I inform the seller of this problem? Is there anything to be gained by stamping my feet or making any kind of fuss or is it just one of those things...?

NintyZelda Thu 21-Aug-08 23:25:46

Contact the seller first and see what they say, they could be really helpful, smile
If not you can start a claim with PP, I think possibly an "item not as descibed" but not 100% certain
The seller can claim from RM for damage, although if it was just 1st 2nd class the max. compensation is about £36ish

MsPontipine Fri 22-Aug-08 00:49:15

Hi - It is up to the seller to ensure your item reaches you in the condition it left their care. Yes I would email them and explain - hopefully they'll be helpful and reasonable - If they used Royal Mail if they got proof of postage then they would be able to claim some of the value back - think it went up to about £40 in April - make sure you keep all packaging. Then a decent seller would refund in full making up any shortfall themselves. Hopefully they do this for you otherwise yes I believe Paypal would be the way to go but do give the seller the chance to rectify amicably first. Do let us know :-)

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