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feedback -URGHH

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mel1981 Thu 21-Aug-08 11:26:50

sorry more of a rant than a question... I quite frequently buy and sell on ebay but im getting fed up with people not leaving feedback. Ive left them feedback already & I would not sell anything i wouldnt buy myself. my feedback is 100% but I have 4-6 people who havent left feedback....if there was a problem surely they would of contacted me? I dont understand why its so hard, starting to think i wont put feedback until they have. angry

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 21-Aug-08 11:28:43

grr, that is very annoying..I've only ever bought stuff on ebay,am relatively new to it all..but I always,always do leave feedback

sixlostmonkeys Thu 21-Aug-08 15:05:49

feedback is optional.
I have around 50 at any one time who haven't left FB.
don't worry about it - it's optional.

Lilyloo Thu 21-Aug-08 15:51:27

Do you leave feedback before they do ?
I have only just started selling and have only left feedback after they have. Not sure whether that the right way to do it though ?

LynetteScavo Thu 21-Aug-08 15:54:19

If I'm selling, I wait to leave feed back, untill the buyer has left theirs.

If I'm buying I leave feed back first.

missjennipenni Thu 21-Aug-08 20:16:33

A lot of people are boycotting feedback because of the crappy new rules about sellers only being able to leave positive

mel1981 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:53:48

Yeah stupidly I do leave feedback before they do...I think im gonna stop leaving feedback until they have left theirs (as a buyer).
Thanks all. smile

Lilyloo Fri 22-Aug-08 21:09:31

mel will you leave feedbac\k after them then if you buy ?
sorry but i have 5 outstanding feedback as a seller and wondering if i doing it wrong ?

deeeja Fri 22-Aug-08 21:26:14

Well, I am waiting for one buyer to leave me feedback, because until they leave me feedback then the payment in on hold. I sold a phone and apparently it is a highrisk area or something. I sent the phone by special delivery and still no feedback, I know they have recieved it. Sometimes buyers really should leave feedback, it lets the seller know all is well with the transaction, especially when you have sent something expensive through the post.

Lilyloo Fri 22-Aug-08 21:38:53

dee agree would be good to have an arrived button as well as a dispatched if they not going to leave feedback!

mel1981 Sat 23-Aug-08 11:24:34

Lilyloo if im buying i usually wait for them to leave feedback 1st. but if im the seller i leave it 1st. its the way my sister told me how to do it when she taught/showed me use ebay. I dont think there is a RIGHT way to do it TBH.
Its just frustrating, fair enough its optional but surely it benefits buyers/sellers to leave feedback good or bad.
Deeeja its the same with me i sold a few big things for colection and i wanna know its ok before i take my money out of pay pal cause were skint and will really help us out....but if i do and someone wants a refund ill have no money to give them back!

nicolamumof3 Sat 23-Aug-08 12:03:58

After some bad experience I NEVER leave feedback as a seller til they've left theres.

wessexgirl Sat 23-Aug-08 12:08:10

It's really tricky, isn't it?

I prefer to assume that everyone is honest and decent, so I act accordingly, leaving feedback as soon as I am paid/receive the item.

The first time I have a bad experience with a buyer though (I mainly sell), I am offski.

sixlostmonkeys Sat 23-Aug-08 13:05:17

feedback should be left at the end of the transaction ie when the buyer has received the item and is happy with it.
Paying is just the start of the transaction and so a seller should not leave FB just because the buyer paid - anything can go wrong after payment, therefor if FB is already left, there is no other means of noting a a terrible transaction

Lilyloo Sat 23-Aug-08 13:37:52

sixlostmonkeys so i should wait then and only leave feedback after the buyer has left theirs ?
I have posted 4 items last week and only one has left feedback and i left mine immediately after.
The other 3 haven't but i guess i just presume they have recieved goods if i don't hear otherwise!

sixlostmonkeys Sat 23-Aug-08 14:44:15

yup - if you hear nothing it's prob all ok - they let you know when there is a problem!
Only leave FB when they have let you know they have item and are happy (whether by FB (easiest way) or by message)

Lilyloo Sat 23-Aug-08 20:47:15

thanks smile

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