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upgrading paypal account

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lindseyfox Sat 16-Aug-08 15:36:40

I only have a personal account which i think affects the number of bidders i get so want to upgrade.

when ive looked it says upgrade to business is this right as i am not a business.

also whats the cost difference do i have to pay a monthly fee to paypal or extra % per item.

as personal account holder i know i pay a certain % per transaction not sure what it is though!!!

lindseyfox Sun 17-Aug-08 18:42:20


KnickersOnMaHead Mon 18-Aug-08 20:32:29

Message withdrawn

lindseyfox Tue 19-Aug-08 19:19:46

thanks that helps a bit.

do you get charged more than when had a personal account and is there a monthly fee?

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 19-Aug-08 20:19:06

Message withdrawn

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