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Not exactly on topic, but does anyone use eBid?

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PortAndLemon Fri 15-Aug-08 13:58:08

Just wondering about alternatives to eBay -- does anyone on MN use eBid as a buyer or seller and how do you find it works out?

squilly Sat 06-Sep-08 10:04:30

Hi portandlemon. I'm just on the verge of signing up with these guys. I have only ever sold on Ebay before, so not exactly sure whether it'll work. I know it won't be a quick sell like Ebay, but it might actually be profitable, for a change! I wouldn't want to risk auction style items on there though...but hopefully, a decrease in good terms on Ebay will lead to an increase in buyers/sellers on Ebid.

I sell a fair amount of stuff and have a lot of new items that are very expensive to list on Ebay (or Feebay as they call it on the Ebid forums) so I'll start with those.

With all the changes on Ebay lately, it's getting harder and harder to make money from it, from a sellers perspective. Which means a lot of mums who've used it as a way to stay at home or to supplement their income will need to look elsewhere.

As a buyer it'll get harder for you to grab a bargain on there too, as they're increasingly upping the costs to sell. They also seem to be aiming at making Paypal a big shopping mall, increasing costs and decreasing visibility for small sellers and that'll put an end to the quirky sellers with the individual items that you tend to get on Ebay. Basically, they're squeezing the fun out of it for both buyers and sellers.

If anyone does have any experience of Ebid, I'd love to hear about it. I guess, right now though, that it's a low profile thing...but that's how Ebay started once, so who knows???

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