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Help posting an item to Denmark.

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auntypurple Thu 14-Aug-08 11:43:45

I have something on ebay that weighs 2kg without packing, will be bulky when wrapped. Does anyone have any idea how much it will cost to send to Denmark please. I have looked on the royal mail website but am not sure which one service it is. Thanks

blueshoes Thu 14-Aug-08 22:19:02

I suppose you have this Royal Mail link: Price finder

As your package with packaging with exceeds 2 kg, you cannot use Airmail Small Packets. If the item comprises books, leaflets and pamphlets, you can use Airmail Printed Papers (about £12, from 3 days). Otherwise, it does not seem you can use Royal Mail (i am not sure) and may have to investigate a courier.

Anyway you can break your item into 2 to keep each within 2 kg, so you can use Small Packets? Of course there is a greater risk that one will go astray.

auntypurple Fri 15-Aug-08 17:38:52

Thanks for the reply forgot about this thread. I did look on royal mail but couldn't work it out. It was for a footmuff, anyway I took it to the po this morning and was told it was just under £10 to send recorded. Not sure what service that was as I didn't ask.
Thanks again for the reply.

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