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Rough p & p anyone to send small sun top to Italy ?

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fakeblonde Wed 13-Aug-08 13:52:05

I`m a bit cross because the buyer e mailed me asking if i`d post to Italy.I replied no because i am going on hol Fri (didn`t say that bit ) and i haven`t got time to be faffing with sending parcels ti outside UK.
Anyway the italian continued to bid and won the item !
I haven`t time to get involved with the rights and wrongs so will just have to send it.
Has anyone any idea how much it will cost me to send it to ItalY.
Cheers x

sixlostmonkeys Wed 13-Aug-08 14:57:52

If you prefer to not to post outside the uk it is best to check this in your preferences - it prevents buyers who live in countries to which you do not post from bidding.

Sending outside the Uk requires no more effort than sending within the UK.
Simply weigh your item and then check the price on the Royal mail website.
Hope this helps

fakeblonde Wed 13-Aug-08 15:07:14

I did specify uk only juat to save a hassle really of checking price ect.
I didn`t know i could check on website tho so thanks for that too.

Brangelina Wed 13-Aug-08 15:08:28

Postage to anywhere in the EU doesn't cost much more and as 6LM says it's really no more effort than sending a package within the UK. You justhave to go the post office, the PO does all the hard work!

Have you tried asking the Italian whether they actually want the item sent to Italy? I mention this because I'm in Italy but often prefer an item to be sent to a UK address for a variety of reasons, not least the unreliable postal service here especially in some periods of the year.

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