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Is this acceptable?

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rosealbie Sun 10-Aug-08 21:48:15

I recently bought an item from Ebay which I paid for and it was supposed to be delivered by next day delivery.

When it didn't turn up after a few days I contacted the seller and she said she had posted it and hoped it would turn up soon.

After another wait, she gave me the tracking number but on the Royal Mail website it couldn't be tracked as no attempt had been made to deliver it. Ok I thought, at least it's still somewhere in the system.

Then a couple of days later, I found out that the parcel was being returned to the seller as I hadn't taken delivery of it. There was never a card left to say they had tried to deliver it.

The seller has refunded me the cost of the item but I have still had to pay for the postage (over £7).

What do you think? Sorry, it's so long.

EachPeachPearMum Sun 10-Aug-08 21:51:49

This has happened to me before now- it is royal mail's fault, because they didn't put the card through. Other than pay postage again, there's not much you can do- seller sent it in good faith. Sorry.

rosealbie Sun 10-Aug-08 21:56:27

I agree the seller sent in good faith but I feel that she should be able to claim from Royal Mail so neither of us are out of pocket.

I've suggested this but she emailed back to say that it was up to me to collect the parcel and because I hadn't it had been returned. Without a card to say they had the parcel at the sorting office, that's a bit impossible.

I guess I just feel really irritated by Royal Mail and having to pay out for something I never received. I also had to buy something else to replace it.

CarGirl Sun 10-Aug-08 21:56:39

this has happened to me twice, each time I double checked with the sorting office and there is was but I definately never got a card through the door!

4andnotout Sun 10-Aug-08 21:58:12

Can you not claim with royal mail?

rosealbie Sun 10-Aug-08 21:58:22

I didn't even get a chance to check with the sorting office as it was already winging it's way back to the seller by the time I found out.

rosealbie Sun 10-Aug-08 21:59:40

4andnotout - perhaps, but I feel it should be the seller doing this, I certainly would if it was me that had sent it.

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