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Should leave negative feedback?

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staryeyed Tue 05-Aug-08 19:14:45

I bid on a bed and won it, it was cheap so I was chuffed. We organised a van and went to collect it; Item was described as great condition and implied it hadn't really been used. In fact mattress was manky and very very old (very faded, flat and dirty) and frame was covered with scratches. As we had gone all that way, organised van and she was a very nice lady we took the bed. We will sand down the bed frame and revarnish but the mattress will have to be thrown and replaced. Her description was misleading so should I leave negative feedback or just be glad to have bought the bed frame cheaply (it was worth it for the bed frame only)

Housemum Tue 05-Aug-08 20:15:59

You need to be honest otherwise feedback system is meaningless - could always leave neutral which is still a warning - something like "happy to win cheaply but more damaged than description implied" is not offensive but a warning to others buying from her.

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