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What's the correct thing to do if you might be away when an item is delivered?

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snorkle Tue 05-Aug-08 10:40:47

I've seen something I'd like to bid on that ends tomorrow, but I'll be away for a fortnight from Sunday. It says it will be sent 1st recorded delivery dispatched within 10 working days of receiving cleared payment.

So, if I bid anyway, pay immediately, tell the seller nothing and try to collect item from PO on my return, I think the PO will only keep signed for stuff at the depot for 7 days, so there's a good chance the PO will have returned the item - is this right?

So should I:

a) Ask seller if she'd be prepared to delay posting if I bid before I do so,

b) Ask seller to delay posting only if I win the auction,


c) not bid at all? (I do want to though).

cornsilk Tue 05-Aug-08 10:43:00

ask seller to delay posting

misdee Tue 05-Aug-08 10:44:09

ask seller to delay posting


ask them to send to an alternative address

snorkle Tue 05-Aug-08 10:45:03

but should I ask before or after I bid?

snorkle Tue 05-Aug-08 10:46:02

alternate address might work - but aren't they supposed to send to a registered paypal address?

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 05-Aug-08 12:10:04

Message withdrawn

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