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Ebay just blocked me from bidding on an item because.....

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ShyBaby Sat 02-Aug-08 13:42:02

My paypal account is not linked to my ebay account apparently. wtf? How can it not be?

Ive been buying and selling on there for years without a problem, I opened my paypal through the ebay site.

Any ideas? Im really fed up now, was trying to buy a ds (nintendo) game for ds (son!) birthday and the item went for much less than I was prepared to pay. Or does anyone have a Mario & Sonic at the Opympic Games they would like to sell me? grrrrr.

ShyBaby Sat 02-Aug-08 13:42:53

That would be "Olympic" of course grin

lou031205 Sat 02-Aug-08 14:18:56

You need to affiliate it to your ebay account. This is the step-by-step guide.

ShyBaby Sat 02-Aug-08 14:29:34

Thanks for that lou, but I went through the steps, addresses were aleady there. I clicked on the paypal link and it just told me i'd created a paypal account and to start entering all my bank details etc just like I did when I first opened it. Im paypal verified etc...dont understand?

ShyBaby Sat 02-Aug-08 14:30:56

btw, ebay automatically take my selling fees from my paypal accout, surely its already linked?

QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 14:34:29

Do you have a credit card on file with paypal and or ebay?

I am only asking because I have set my preferences to block bidders who dont have a credit card on file.

sixlostmonkeys Sat 02-Aug-08 18:27:09

it's a glitch - have a look at the ebay boards, pinks have posted about it.

ShyBaby Sat 02-Aug-08 18:34:14

Thanks, i'll take a look smile

SparklingSarah Sun 03-Aug-08 23:52:15

theres a glitch that buggers it up so just link it and it will work smile

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