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If you've saved something in drafts to continue with later - where the heck does it go??!!

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Rorytigger Thu 31-Jul-08 13:32:08

Thought I'd save time doing the descriptions for some items I'm hoping to sell, saved them to continue later and now I can't find them! Where do they save to in 'My Ebay'? blush

MsPontipine Thu 31-Jul-08 18:47:48

Hi - If you've been doing what I think you've been doing then I'm afraid I have bad news - when listing items unless you complete the listing if you then begin another listing the previous one is lost. You can save templates but that option is only available once youv'e completed the listing. If you want to prepare in advance I believe you can use Turbo lister or Auctivita - neither of which I've used.

What I sometimes do is click the schedule start time instead of start auction immediately. You can then put a date and a time in the future you would like it to start. You are still able to revise it if you wish. There is a charge of 6p but what I do is put a date in the future in then at the time and date I actually want it to start I go in and change it to start immediately - no extra charge.

Hope I've helped

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