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Has this buyer broken ebay rules or am I clutching at straws?

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tullytwo Thu 24-Jul-08 09:43:33

I had a buyer who won 2 items from me and I then discovered he lived in Ireland so I had to rejig the postage costs as I had clearly stated on the listing that I would post to UK only and that I wouldnt combine postage but I was willing to accomodate him!

I had 1 item already packaged ready to go before he won the 2nd item anyway.

So I found out the postage costs and invoiced him and he refused to pay - saying it was too much.

I opened a dispute and we corresponded and he basically said that he was willing to pay if I lowered the postage and combined it - 2 things I stated I wasnt willing to do and that he should have asked before the auction ended.

So dispute has closed and I got my fee back but he has now left me 2 negative feedbacks stating that I refused to combine and communicate with him and that I was charging really high postage- which he knew before he bid. All of which is untrue and inaccurate.

I have emailed ebay to ask if he has broken the rules becuase I basically have no comeback for this and he has reduced my feedback rating considerably.

So am I right in thinking that this goes against ebay policy if you refuse to purchase an item you have won unless the seller changes her costs?


mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Thu 24-Jul-08 10:13:13

First thing to do is to answer the negs he has left stating the facts 'buyer refused to pay postage' etc.
Can't believe some people who bid outside the UK and don't expect to pay the correct postage.
I would stick to your guns. I can't see that you have done anything wrong. Go to your 'preferences' in 'my ebay' and make some changes to state you only ship to the UK.
Also check bidder's history when they bid, see where they live and check for negs etc. You can remove their bids. Also block this person from bidding again.

tiggerlovestobounce Thu 24-Jul-08 10:32:50

I doubt ebay will be very interested in this to be honest.
Probably the only thing that you can do is to respond to the feedback.
I think that with the changes to the feedback rules it is going to be much harder to have 100% feedback, so maybe buyers will be more willing to buy from people with less?

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