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Would you expect it boxed?

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MrsSnape Tue 22-Jul-08 13:55:25

I sold some thomas tank engine track on ebay and someone bought it and paid by e-cheque. Anyway I realised afterwards that I didn't put in the description that the tracks were loose and not boxed. I emailed the buyer and explained that the tracks were not boxed and did she still want them and I have received no reply, the cheque should clear tomorow.

If she doesn't reply by the time the cheque clears should I assume she still wants them?

If you bidded on a train track and the picture showed it set up on the floor would you expect it boxed when it arrived?

purpleflower Tue 22-Jul-08 13:57:21

I would only expect it to be boxed if it specifically said it was.

forevercleaning Tue 22-Jul-08 13:57:51

think it would be fine, especially if it is a used item. People shouldnt expect it to be boxed IMO

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Jul-08 14:04:14

I would only expect boxed if the listing specifically said boxed (or if the photo showed a box).

lindseyfox Tue 22-Jul-08 16:39:42

if the listing didnt state box or the photos didnt show one then no i wouldnt expect a box.

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