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someone bought my pram on BIN. they haven't paid immediately and haven't answered my message about arranging collection.

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LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 20:22:01

I'm a bit of an ebay virgin and this is only the 2nd thing I've sold so not sure what the deal is.

I have bought lots on ebay before though and have always paid immediately with BIN items.

How long should I expect it to take for them to pay and to respond to my message? I thought BIN items had to be settled immediately?

They did the BIN at lunchtime today and I sent the message almost immediately, and also let them know that I'm off on holiday on Friday.


LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 20:32:39


Goober Sun 20-Jul-08 20:35:25

Sit it out.
It is annoying, and I think, rude but some people do make you wait.
I'd imagine that you will have heard something by tomorrow night.
Sadly, that is the way it is.

Elmosgirl Sun 20-Jul-08 20:36:34

Have they paid by Paypal, is yours a new paypal account? If it is you might have to go into Paypal and accept the payment rather than it all happening automatically.

evilbadmum Sun 20-Jul-08 20:37:07

You can click something where the auction stays active until they paid.

Lunctime is not that long, I sure you will get a reply soon, check their feedback.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 20:49:34

it isn't a new paypal account (I've been buying on ebay for a while and also use it for another auction site). This is only the second thing I've sold.

The buyer has no feedback at all.

I suppose I'm worried that they clicked the BIN by mistake, or changed their mind afterwards.

No merit in keeping it listed till payment is made as the auction was due to finish this evening anyway.

Should I send them the invoice? I haven't done this yet.

lisad123 Sun 20-Jul-08 20:52:22

Would send invoice and state on it that it needs to be paid within 48hours, if it snt paid you will file a none paying complaint.

Its a real PITA, and ebay is so much worse now sellers cant leave neg feedback.

Sidge Sun 20-Jul-08 20:52:22

They may be putting children to bed. Give it till about ten then send them an email.

I would send the invoice now anyway.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 20:52:56

thanks smile

KaSo Sun 20-Jul-08 20:54:57

There is no rule that says BINs need to be paid for immediately.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 21:04:25

I thought that's what BIN meant...the clue being in the title wink

I've always paid immediately when buying on BIN as I'm sitting there at the computer anyway, maybe I'm the exception rather than the rule?

I've sent the invoice reiterating that we are away on Friday and asking for the account to be settled withing 48 hours, nicely of course smile

lisad123 Sun 20-Jul-08 21:25:56

no BIN just means you dont have to bid. You can put a imediate payment requirred on the listing.
I have done BIN before and paid later as was just leaving to go out, or was the day before payday so paid then.
What was it you sold?

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 21:42:45

thanks lisad...It's all a bit confusing to my poor pregnancy addled brain

it was a pram...need to get a double!

I've sent the invoice now so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

MsPontipine Sun 20-Jul-08 22:18:58

Isn't it recommended that you don't accept paypal for pick ups - something to do with buyer claiming non - receipt and getting refunded.

I beleive cash payment is recommended.

MsPontipine Sun 20-Jul-08 22:20:22

So maybe that's how your buyer is planning to pay (cash I mean)

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 22:22:01

<scared now>

DH suggested getting them to sign a receipt or copy of the invoice when they pick up, giving them a copy and keeping a copy ourselves should solve that potential problem.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 22:23:10

if they were, then surely they would have contacted me to ask if that was OK as it wasn't an option on the listing?

youngbutnotdumb Sun 20-Jul-08 22:37:13

Daisy- I'm with you on this one, I'd have thought BIN meant well Buy it NOW lol thats what I do.

I haven't sold on Ebay but if it was me I'd send invoice and request an email or some sort of communication perhaps supply a phone number within the next 24 hours or the item will be put back on sale.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 20-Jul-08 22:40:09

thank ybnd smile

DH sells and buys quite a bit and he thinks I'm being a tad over anxious about it all. He's never bought a BIN item though

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 21-Jul-08 00:47:12

Message withdrawn

MrsMagooo Mon 21-Jul-08 08:12:33

Daisy - getting them to sign something on collection won't help your case at all if they open a Paypal dispute.

If they do pay by paypal & then collect the pram - post a reciept to them via Recorded Delivery - they will have to sign for it on delivery, that way if they try to open a dispute with Paypal you can enter the tracking number & you have proof that SOMETHING was delivered to them & they signed for it.

That's what I do (& thank God I did as someone did try to claim they hadn't recieved the item but PP found in my favour grin)

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 21-Jul-08 09:28:01

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Mon 21-Jul-08 10:23:34

thanks for the advice. posting the receipt sounds like a good plan.

I will ask them to pay cash on collection...if they ever contact me about it <sigh>

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 21-Jul-08 10:24:53

Message withdrawn

islandofsodor Tue 22-Jul-08 12:40:49

I have bought somethingon BIN and then had to take 3 days to pay because I couldn't remember my paypal password and as it was linked to a work email I couldn't resolve it until after the weekend.

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