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I wonder if any MN'er can help give me any selling tips?

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sexyebod Sat 19-Jul-08 22:46:23

My ebay items just don't seem to be selling as I would like.

Would any of you kind Mn'ers take a look and advice me where I might be going wrong?

Here is mine - categoryZ14221QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262
click on view other items to see the rest.

You don't think anyone would mind me wearing the swimming costume before they buy it do you? And also, does listing my vital statistics alienate women in some way?


nicolamumof3 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:48:15

lol!! grin

sexyebod Sat 19-Jul-08 22:52:59

are you laughing at my 38-28-38 statistics or my merchandise?

theinsider Sat 19-Jul-08 22:56:46

Personally there's too much writing for me to bother reading (though it is late on a sat night!). Also the buy-it-now price of £45 puts me off. That's a lot for a second hand swinsuit.

I would immediately move on and look at something else.

sexyebod Sat 19-Jul-08 23:01:26

Ah ok. perhaps it is too wordy. would you like this? ?hash=item310067475279&_trksid=p3911.m14.l1318

theinsider Sat 19-Jul-08 23:16:23

ermm, are you serious? It's awful what is it? And still horrendously wordy.

Or are you just trying to advertise?

sexyebod Sat 19-Jul-08 23:19:57


theinsider Sat 19-Jul-08 23:20:17

Yeees, reread op "click on other items to view the rest".


sexyebod Sat 19-Jul-08 23:21:54


theinsider Sat 19-Jul-08 23:24:13

Fuck your grins. Piss off.

Do you think anyone on mumsnet is gonna buy your crap following this?

People clicking on your item following the link is only any good to you if they're going to bid. And believe me, they won't.

EyeballsintheSky Sat 19-Jul-08 23:24:29

I think it would be better if you had orange shoes to match and the cossie showed a bit more of the garden

BexieID Sat 19-Jul-08 23:31:35


pooter Sat 19-Jul-08 23:34:17

ahh, insider love, click here and calm down smile

theinsider Sat 19-Jul-08 23:46:16

ah pooter thanks for filling me in. Serves me right for clicking on an "ebay" thread, usually avoid them like the plague. And that's why I didn't click on two ebay threads the same evening. And "shawl" in the title - nope, was never going to get there under my own steam.


Glad to see it's not a "genuine" mumsnetter. As you can see steam was coming my ears at the half-wit who thought these were decent adverts/items etc. Thought after all this time it was time to move on to netmums babycentre another site.

EyeballsintheSky Sat 19-Jul-08 23:48:17

LOL I was beginning to wonder if it was serious after reading your posts Insider!

MrsMagooo Sun 20-Jul-08 03:40:04


mumofdjandbabies Sun 20-Jul-08 18:23:43

tee heee

sexyebod you have a good sense of humour he he!

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