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Lucky escape from a scammer

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pgwithnumber3 Fri 18-Jul-08 14:28:38

DH has listed a set of alloy wheels on ebay - buyer with no feedback (have now blocked no feedback buyers) bought them through Buy It Now for £775. Emailed and told us they were going to pay by Paypal. Did this yesterday and it was from a company in Japan(!?). Alarm bells rang but obviously payment had been made so told buyer would courier wheels to them on Monday. Buyer asked for them sooner but could not do so he said fine. Got an email from Paypal this morning to say that the Paypal account holder had not authorised this payment and I had to refund. How they had got into the paypal account I have no idea but obviously they were hoping this Paypal account holder would not notice until we had sent the wheels.

What a joke, we could have ended up £775 out of pocket because of a cheeky bastard. Ebay is getting more and more hard work atm.

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