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ARGH! Someone please listen to my rant and save this 'buyer' from getting a nasty email

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BigBadMousey Thu 17-Jul-08 20:35:22

I bought 20 cloth nappies for DS brand new from a reputable internet site but they didn't suit him so I've kept 7 which I had used and sold the other 13 on ebay.

Today I get an email from the buyer saying they had bought another one on ebay from someone else and that mine were harder and whiter than the other one they had bought. They then suggested I had sold used nappies to them but described them as new.

My listing said they were prewashed 4 times (which they were) but that was it. Apparently the 'other' nappy was prewashed too.

They suggest
a) my nappies are well used and have gone hard due to hard water
b) they are whiter due to being washed in powder which contains bleach.

Facts are
a) - mine haven't been used and I hate people that sell used nappies as new on ebay
b) - we live in the SW and have very soft water so our nappies are still lovely and soft after loads of use
c) - line dryimg makes nappies harder and whiter (sun bleaches them)
d) these nappies come in white and unbleached so the other one may well be unbleached as mine are white.
e) my feedback 100% at 500+ transactions with really good comments on sold items - they have 100% for 20 transactions

I have pointed out the above to the buyer - they want a discount.

ARRGHHHH ebay is just a PITA these days. It was a military operation getting the things wrapped and posted with 3 unwell DCs in tow <enter swearwords of your choice here>

thanks....feel marginally better now - unil their next email.

lizandlulu Thu 17-Jul-08 20:52:00

if i was you i would ask them to return them and give them a refund. out of principle. tell them you will not aoffer any kind of discount and if they are not 100% happy, return them and you will sell tem on again to someone who will be.

sixlostmonkeys Thu 17-Jul-08 20:56:25

simply tell her to return them and upon receipt you will inspect them and refund her. You can then refund her but as they match your description you are under no obligation to refund her return postage.
Wait a while and then relist.

keep communications short and sweet with her - you don't have to start defending yourself - she is simply trying it on to get a partial refund. You are within your rights to offer a full refund after return and not enter into silliness regarding partials.
(I bet she doesn't return for a refund - she just wants some money off)

Don't fret.
Hope your 3 DCs are all well now

expatinscotland Thu 17-Jul-08 20:58:27

another reason i don't bother with Ebay anymore.

WAY too many people just taking the piss, especially because the buyer is holding all the cards with regards to feedback and getting their money back thru PayPal.

southeastastra Thu 17-Jul-08 21:00:33

get them to return them then refund. if they neg you so be it. it's the way ebay is going but you can reply to any feedback received

BigBadMousey Fri 18-Jul-08 23:18:57

Thanks for all the replies - had to disappear off to sort out unwell DCs last night but since then have had an email from the buyer wanting nearly 50% reduction in price (wtf!).

Anyway, after much cursing I have politely asked them to return them. I think she is going to expect me to pay for that so if anyone can direct me to the ebay regs that say I don't have to I'd be grateful.

Don't think I'll bother with eBay any more -'tis shite these days for sure angry

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