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Would you describe a pair of baby shoes as in "excellent condition" if...

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Pavlovthecat Thu 17-Jul-08 12:37:34

The soles were worn
There were no inner soles
The bottom of the shoe where the inner soles were are dirty
The front of the shoe has worn away (denim, torn)
They are not clean, have dirt still encrusted in the soles
The were clearly worn by more than one other toddler.


scorpio1 Thu 17-Jul-08 12:38:13

errrr, no.

ChopsTheDuck Thu 17-Jul-08 12:38:33

lovely. did you pay by paypal? I'd do a chargeback.

LilRedWhiskGers Thu 17-Jul-08 12:38:37

Nope - open a dispute!

Pavlovthecat Thu 17-Jul-08 12:49:30

oh, what is a chargeback? I did pay by paypal.

I did not think so either. I would not sell them at all, let alone in 'excellent condition' problem was, the photo was clever, showed mainly the shoe without a scuff, and because it is mainly navy, scuff did not show at all from that angel!

They were a pair of Doodles, I bought two pairs, these I really liked, almost bought them in Clarkes, the won them, very pleased. I also one another pair which cost less, and described as 'good condition'. They were immaculate, looks like they were never worn, not a mark on them, not even the sole! Funny what people consider as ok isn't it?

Right I am off to open a dispute, get my money back!!

Pavlovthecat Thu 17-Jul-08 13:03:04

OK, dispute opened and refunded requested by paypal.

thanks all, glad I was not just expecting too much!

missjennipenni Fri 18-Jul-08 13:15:49

You will have to return the shoes, and you may not get your postage refunded.

Pavlovthecat Sat 19-Jul-08 10:49:51

Refunded with no problems. DH has asked if the want the shoes returned, they will have to pay postage though. I am not being out of pocket for something I would have bid on if the description was accurate.

MrsMagooo Sat 19-Jul-08 13:42:08

Glad you got your refund!

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