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Never sold on ebay before and my item has met its reserve...

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nannyL Mon 14-Jul-08 21:41:51


so when it finishes on Friday night what do i actually do?

I assume ebay will say to me... you have sold it for £x amount to this bidder...

Do I email them?
How do i get them to pay me by paypal? do i have to login to paypal to invoice them?

Im hoping they pay straight away so I can post it on Saturday....

and what about feedback.... Ive herd the feedback system has changed but i dont know in what way?
Is it ebay etiquette for them to feed back me first or me (seller) to feedback them?

Ive never sold anything before and dont want to do it wrong and get bad feedback but im a bit unsure abot what i'll have to actually do!

All advice appreciated!

CarGirl Mon 14-Jul-08 21:43:42

You into your ebay, click on SOLD on the left and the item will be there there will be a button for you to press saying send invoice.

You will receive notification that they've paid. Send item. When they are happy and leave feedback you can leave them feedback.

nannyL Mon 14-Jul-08 21:46:30


so ebay sort of 'does it all for me' then? smile (thats good!)

Should i print anything or write them a note or something to send in the package?

Ambi Mon 14-Jul-08 21:46:32

don't know about the new system, but when I've sold then ebay automatically sorts out the invoice and asks for payment and paypal will email you once the payment has been received. I usually email the buyer thanking them for their payment and advise them when the item will be sent as a courtesy.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 14-Jul-08 21:46:45

As soon as the auction ends you get an email from ebay saying 'your item has sold' link takes you to an invoice to email to the buyer.
Buyer gets an email saying they've won and link takes them to their invoice. The invoice includes the option for them to pay by paypal and if they click on this option it takes them to their paypal. Then you get an email from paypal saying money received. So you don't have to send an invoice but you can if you want.
Some pay straightaway by paypal but if they want to do cheque or po wait till you get it/it clears.
When you receive payment I would email to say when you will be sending and that its your first item sold so you would appreciate good feedback when they receive the item and are happy with it.

As long as the item is exactly as described and you post it promptly or keep buyer informed of any delay etc then you should get good feedback.

Ambi Mon 14-Jul-08 21:48:01

you can print a packing note from paypal to include in your package.

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