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I am completely confused by this situation, how can is ell an item to someone and yet get left negative feedback by someone completely different?

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saltire Mon 14-Jul-08 19:04:18

I sold a boys clothing tiem last week. The buyer was down as being (for the sake of this thread) flower12. The paypal link came form flower12, syaing I will sned postage soon. I emailed her to say the postal order had arrived and that I would try and post the item on the Tuesday, but if not it would be Friday, (11th) as listed on my lisitng.
Then i started, on Wednesday getting ebay emails from someone with a completely different name (say Fred26 for the sake of the thread) asking where their item was. I forwarded the email to ebay, becasue as far as I was concerned, I'd done no transactions with anyone by that name. Today i find out that this "fred26" has
A) left me negative feedback
B) opened an ebay dispute
C) Opened a paypal dispute.

When i went back into my emails, and found the original one from flwer12, and clicked on her feedback link,(it said she had a feedback score of 14) it took me to this "fred26" feedback.
Now I am completely confused,how can someone who didn't even buy the item - as far as I am concrened - manage to get it,a nd the tosser has left me neg feedback and opened 2 disputes. His item was posted on Friday !st class recorded delivery. I have the tracking number

pinkcandyfloss Mon 14-Jul-08 19:09:40

Is there an icon next to 'fred26's name which says they have changed name in the last 30 days? As they may have changed their username.
As for a paypal dispute - I'm not sure how they could have opened this considering they paid by postal order??
If you have a tracking number and give it to eBay then there should be no problems as it is proof it was posted and delivered and any unfair feedback should be removed.

Hope you manage to sort it out.

saltire Mon 14-Jul-08 19:13:20

No icon or any mention that he has chnaged his name. There is definately a paypal dispute opened. I am getting worried now that he is someone who has hacked into my or someone else's account. Like you say, how could he open a paypal dispute?????

pinkcandyfloss Mon 14-Jul-08 19:22:46

Very very strange! Hope eBay can help you out and solve the mystery!

iamdingdong Mon 14-Jul-08 19:41:03

this is really odd, if postal order I don't see what paypal has to do with it!

saltire Tue 15-Jul-08 14:36:24

Right have had communication with paypal, and as I thought, there is nothing they will do, as he didn't pay by paypal.
The item has definately arrived as I ahve seen the electronic proof of delivery.
He has left me a negative saying "paid by postal orderhmm, not received item or no reply to emails, beware this seller"

So what do is ay about him. I am tempted to say "I see your parcel has arrived as I knew it would. I am waiting for an apology

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