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Upgrade Paypal account - do I need to to sell stuff?

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notcitrus Mon 14-Jul-08 00:27:42

I'm really confused!

Have a Personal, verified Paypal account, lots of positive feedback as a buyer.
Want to sell stuff on Ebay - say about 25 items worth £7 - £25, to start with.
Minimum hassle is more important to me than saving pennies.

Do I need to upgrade to a Premier account to ensure that any clueless person can just click the 'pay by Paypal' button and it will magically work? I know there's something about people needing money in their account for that to happen rather than it coming off debit/credit cards, but other people have said that that doesn't matter, you just get charged. I'm assuming I don't need a Business account?

I tried selling some items back in 2004 and Paypal was a right mess and didn't work, but luckily we were selling very low-value things just to get the feedback and our buyers weren't too fussed. Eventually we figured we'd need to change the accounts and would end up with 20p after charges so told the buyers to keep the items for free, but there's been so many changes since...

The Paypal website just seems designed to make you upgrade to Premier, but then I get charged more when buying. Help?

MatNanPlus Mon 14-Jul-08 16:11:03

i sold things in 2004 and didn't upgrade.

notcitrus Wed 16-Jul-08 18:04:46

bump - should I upgrade to Premier?
Thanks for any advice.

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