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Does anybody else use 'Auctiva' to list on ebay?

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TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 19:47:45

I had quite a lot of baby clothes to list on ebay and after I'd listed a few things, somebody at work told me about 'Auctiva' and how easy it was to list bundles with it etc.

So, I registered with them, placed the ebay listing and all of my listings (including the bundle) are now showing under My Ebay.

However, if I go into one of my items and click on 'view sellers other items', there are none there! Also, if I do a search for my name under Community, it says I am not selling any items!

Where have they gone??! Can anybody help please?

winestein Mon 19-May-08 19:51:43

Sometimes it takes a while for your listings to appear under searches etc. Maybe give it a while and re-check?

I'm not familiar with Auctiva though! I use Turbo Lister.

TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 19:55:06

Thanks winestein, although most of the other items were posted yesterday so should be showing by now - infact a couple even have bids grin

I'm just really worried now that Auctiva has done something to my ebay so that my items are not showing or something. I'd hate to think I'd paid all those ebay fees for nothing angry

winestein Mon 19-May-08 19:56:26

Yes, they should be showing by now!

Can you link to one of them so I can see what I can see? (Maybe it's just you!!!)

TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 20:01:51

These shoes have been on since yesterday so should show...but when I click 'view sellers other items' it says this seller is not currently offering any items for sale hmm

winestein Mon 19-May-08 20:15:04

Yup - you're right! There is nothing coming up in your other items, and the shoes aren;t searchable.

The moving bar at the bottom shows all of your other auctions, but I guess that comes from Auctiva.

Can I ask why you use Auctiva? Is it one of those that allow you to put pictures in your listing as opposed to paying extra for them?

TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 20:17:11

Oh no sad

Yes, thats why I used it. I wanted to put a bundle on and its much easier because you can put the photos in with the text and then write descriptions under each item etc.

Oh, and the added advantage of not having to pay extra for the pictures blush

TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 20:20:05

Thank you anyway winestein smile

winestein Mon 19-May-08 20:21:21

I bet it must be that then.

I can click all your other auctions through the scroll bar but they don't exist in the listings.

Is it somehow not legal to use it on Ebay? If it is ok, why not email their helpdesk? I have fond them very helpful previously.

Alternatively, I'd pay the money and go with Turbolister.. What you save in picture costs you will waste in advert fees if no one can see them! smile

winestein Mon 19-May-08 20:21:54


TequilaMockinBird Mon 19-May-08 20:23:51

I'll try the helpdesk then and hope its not illegal (i dont think it is) hmm

Thanks winestein, I should've known better than to mess with this farkin technology malarkey lol

winestein Mon 19-May-08 20:27:19

pmsl grin

sixlostmonkeys Mon 19-May-08 20:45:36

I've never liked auctiva - in fact if I land on a listing that uses I move away sharpish (can't stand the moving stuff)

Turbo lister is free and easy to use and you can use photobucket for free for extra photos

laura032004 Wed 21-May-08 06:26:55

It all seems to be working OK now.

TequilaMockinBird Sat 24-May-08 17:24:47

Thanks Laura, yes for some reason it took about 12 hours for everything to 'come back' but they're all back now!

Still no idea what I did but whatever it was its fixed now lol grin

pinkyblob Thu 07-Aug-08 15:36:27

Hi. i just wanted to say thanks for this thread! I'm using Auctiva for the first time today and I'm having exactly the same problem. I've been searching for people with similar problems for ages, until i finally found this thread. I'm glad it worked for you!! I hope mine starts appearing soon!

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