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sell sell sell

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sixlostmonkeys Sun 04-Nov-07 17:45:52

Just thought I'd mention that I've noticed today (as I've been researching and listing) that there appears to been an upturn in sales on ebay. Certainly the past 48 hours has shown more sales in general.
Please don't take my word as gospel, it's only my own findings, BUT I do I have a feeling in my water grin that people are beginning to buy buy buy now. Just got paid....buying for Christmas....??

So anyone who has stuff to sell get it on now! smile I'm doing quite a few BINs so that i catch them before they are spent up grin

horsemadgal Sun 04-Nov-07 21:34:04

Well I have noticed that people are now bidding like crazy on things I want to buy!

ninedragons Mon 05-Nov-07 10:22:40

Ack! Is it just me or is eBay being INCREDIBLY slow to load? I've tried both and .com, and I just get the little loading icon chugging around for about 15 minutes per page. It's the same with both IE and Firefox, and it's the only site that's doing it. The PRC government does occasionally block things for a day or two if somebody has pissed it off but I can't understand why it would be fine with the Guardian and the BBC and block eBay.

Might see if I can get into, always a good test of what it looks like when a site does get blocked!

sixlostmonkeys Mon 05-Nov-07 10:32:58

ebay become so slow for me last night. I was unable to re-list some items because of it.
Sunday evenings (GMT)are always sluggish as it is the most popular time for items to end - which gives me an headache as I want my items to end when most people are about but don't want them to end when it gets so slow people can't bid....

Housemum Tue 06-Nov-07 10:51:21

Interesting that you think there's been an upturn - what sort of items do you tend to look at? A friend and I sell on our outgrown childrens' clothes (decent makes, occasional designer) but have found the prices we've achieved have been lower recently? Also, I bought a new pram yesterday, palpitations going as I was waiting to put in that last-minute bid, yet no-one bid against me and I got it for the listing price - was stunned! Have been outbid so many times on similar ones!

Anyway, have listed my old pram today with fingers crossed for a decent price, off to the spare room to take some pics of other stuff! (Hopefully my old Sinclair computer will sell - was looking at prices in the summer and they were half what they went for last Autumn, but at the time when the prices were high I hadn't tested it so couldn't have sold it as definitely working)

pinknosedevereux Sat 17-Oct-09 18:25:15

Is it just me or is ebay running realllly slowwww, it's driving crazy other sites are ok!

ILoveStripeySocks Sat 17-Oct-09 18:26:22

lol why did you bump a 2 year old thread to say that?

pinknosedevereux Sat 17-Oct-09 18:27:11

Why not?

redsofas Sat 17-Oct-09 18:53:40

lmao at bumping a 2 year old thread! grin

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